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By johnwege | johnwege | 2 Feb 2021

I'm one of those people that really am fascinated to learn how very successful people spend their day.  What are their daily routines? What have they been doing that has caused them to be successful? And what are they doing to ensure future success!?

While I consider myself very far from being "successful," I often ask myself what am I doing now that will change my life and make me even more successful in the future. When I was younger something that I always struggled with, was that I was a heavy procrastinator.  I would have great ideas for things that I could do, but I would convince myself that I could just do those things later, or sometimes just not to do anything at all because it sounded like too much effort was required.  Perhaps I was lazy, or spoiled or all of the above, but all of this resulted in no changes ever happening in my life.  My financial situation was not improving, and the future seemed less bright.


But that is when I came across cryptocurrency and everything changed.

The first way that bitcoin changed my life was that it made me get all of my finances in order.  It changed my thinking into an investing type mindset, and that was only compounded as I saw the prices of my BTC going up.  I immediately decided I needed more money to invest into bitcoin, and naturally the first way I could do this was by cutting other things out of my life, budgeting heavily, taking control of my finances, and even selling things around the house that I didn't know.

And then after some time went by after consistently doing this my portfolio grew into something that I was proud of.  Something that if this bull run goes how I believe it will, definitely will be the cornerstone of me possibly retiring as soon as possible. 

As the prices of coins went up, it made me even more motivated to find ways to invest even more and find other ways to improve my way of life. So this is what I'm doing every day to build a better tomorrow for myself, wife and future family.

6:30 AM - 7:05 Wake Up

My wife goes to work before me, but we get up at the same time to share a few minutes together before she heads out for the day. Doing my best to assist and sending her off.

7:05 AM - 7:10 Make Coffee

My greatest addiction and vice is my coffee.  It is the thing that wakes me up and gives me energy for the work I'm about to do.

7:10 AM - 8:30 AM Catch Up On The News

Perhaps many of you don't know, but I am an American living in a different country across the world currently.  But most of the news that I follow outside of cryptocurrency; twitter accounts, businesses, financial markets; are for the most part all American based. And so I use this time to check my twitter, watch American news, read about how the financial/crypto markets did for the day and more.

8:30 - 9:30 Cryptocurrency

This my favorite part of my day; the time where I dig deep into the cryptocurrency markets.  This is when I will check the markets and see what is going up, and also what is going down.  I will listen to some of my favorite bitcoin podcasts, or perhaps have a YouTube channel on in the background.  This timeframe is when I do all of my research; finding the next coin that I will want to invest in that will help my portfolio grow.  But, excluding a few exceptions, I generally am not a trader and prefer to buy for the long haul. 

9:30-10:45 Blogging and Research

From 9:30 to 10:45; I generally reserve to my blogging and the research that is required for it. It would be extremely easy to write articles in a much faster timeframe, but I find that usually those posts do not ever gain a following.  If you want to do well and grow you must also invest the time in order to do so. Many times I will not finish my post in this timeframe, and will save it to work on the next day.  I never want to rush my posts and have the quality take a hit as a result. I have also began to heavily brainstorm about how I can begin to grow my brand.  That has in the past had me expanding to other services, and more recently having me put more of a focus on Twitter; even starting a substack.

10:45 - 12:00 Future Brainstorming

I am often guilty of getting lost in my own thoughts and I will admit there are few things that I love more than just being by myself and thinking. This is the time when I'm trying to plan my next move, reassess my goals, make new goals, improve my own skills, searching for betting jobs, plan my next side hustle, or even my own business.  I think it is very important to set aside a time to really think hard about these things, because if you don't; they will never happen.  Once I do have some sort of idea I will use this time to perform it, or put it into action.

12:00 - 21:00 Work

Unfortunately I still do have to go to work, but during these difficult times I am very grateful that I do have a job to go to.  But everything that I am doing above is going to help me become closer to reaching my main goal; being my own boss or retiring early. While at work of course I work hard, but I am still thinking about "what's next," and always planning. 

21:00 - 24:00 Family Time

Of course family is the most important time and I make it an effort to always have this time. After all, if we don't have family, why are we working so hard? 

24:00 - 6:30 Sleep

Re-charging for the next day.

Throughout my life there have been two types of John's.  The first being the guy who never had a routine or plan of what to do.  That guy wasn't successful and had a dismal financial future.  But then there is the version who had a daily routine, and put things into action, and my life has completely transformed because of that.

All of this change happened because I began investing into bitcoin and saw how important it is to own assets that appreciate in value rather than just saving your cash.  Even if you don't know what you want to do yet, still set aside time to think about it.  You will be very surprised what happens when you begin to take action.

So I want to know what are you doing everyday for your bitcoin/cryptocurrency routine? And also your financial routine as well? What are you doing each day that you hope will begin to change your life!?


As always, thank you for reading!

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