STEPN- 100 Days later 

By 8bitb4rt | Solana_Ecosystem | 4 Aug 2022


Been 100 days of mercurial rises and salty FUD for my STEPN journey. Let's take a quick peek at the stats and give a retrospect of my experience of StepN so far. 

I started Stepn on April 4th, 2022 and bought err... I mean FOMO’d in at 12SOL. It was a common runner with decent base stats; 5 Efficiency and 5.9 Resilience. I did my research and tried to level up and be as meta as possible to minimize my ROI time. The first week after a run I would immediately level my shoe up until I reached level 9. Once at level 9 I would cash out GST immediately every single day. Sometimes into SOL and sometimes USDC. I would try to arbitrage what I thought would be the best ROI. Somedays I was wolf of Wallstreet, sometimes I was holding tiny bags. Regardless, this phase of S was tepnabsolutely euphoric. 90 USDC for a 10-minute jog I was going to do anyway?! That’s 540 USDC an hour my man. I would go to a track with no hills, properly stretch and warm up, then run my Nutz off for 10 mins. I used to be very fit, but now I'm a 34-year-old 220lbs has-been that managed to run 0730 miles chasing this sweet GST. It was one of the most motivating exercise situations I have ever come across (vindicating myself for dropping 1k on a pair of NFT sneakers so my wife would not kill me).   I literally could not wait for my energy to recharge so I could run at puke level intensity.  

As time went on, I am running for my life through a financial dumpster fire, Ukraine and Russian war, and an ongoing pandemic while desperate to get the ROI. Terra Luna is going to zero ,CeFi companies are going bankrupt, 3 arrows is going down and it is panic mode. People are suffering! I keep running. Maybe a month in I started changing all my GST to USDC to have some dry powder. Crypto kept crashing, but I took solace in the fact I had an extra revenue stream. Instead of 90 Bux a run it was maybe 8-10 USDC. I layered back into SOL as it plummeted buying in @50 all the way down to 30. Didn’t quite cache the bottom, but I eventually made my ROI if I am keeping the units in SOL. Still my Sol is worth significantly less than it once was. I decided to level my shoe up to 19 to try to keep the earnings up. 


Time passed and the Euphoria faded, earnings diminished. It got more difficult to give away an invite code. StepN continued opening up new realms. They would go crazy initially and then faded out much like the SOL realm. The developers would tweak game mechanics in an attempt to improve burning mechanisms but there was too much sell pressure on GST and it continued to fall. I started running at a more comfortable pace, not to bother as I was playing with house money. I enjoyed the routine and listening to podcasts. I essentially treat it as a nice warmup before I lift in the mornings. The floor price for sneakers right now in SOL realm is 1.18SOL. As writing this on 08/04/2022, GST is sitting at 5 cents and I just made about 80cents from my 15GST run. I have run 241km in 104 days of STEPN. In the past 104 days I have failed to run only twice. This is impressive as it is Hot AF right now. 


I'll continue using STEPN- doesn’t cost me anything and it gets me running on days I might not, but I am not going to invest any more money. I will probably always keep my NFT sneakers as a reminder to be prudent with play to earn games and get the ROI as fast as possible. 

GST has stayed at 5 cents for a while now. FP of sneakers 1 SOL so at this point it's not that big a risk Imo.  If you are interested in an activation code 11126297.  

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