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By tripplea1 | Web3 ecosystem | 2 Apr 2022


The gaming industry witnessed a rapid increment as more blockchain games develops giving gamers the opportunities to earn while doing what they love. The emergence of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) which enables digital ownership plays a vital role in gaming projects where users or players can earn asset while playing games and sell it for a token on the secondary market. However, the NFTs evolution is still in its infant stage which was described as an illiquid asset except for its uses mostly in gaming projects as an in-game asset and others. While players can play with the game NFTs, earn a reward for playing the game, and also decides to sell the NFTs, those who are not a fan of playing a game or who do not have enough time playing games could not earn the gaming reward even while holding the project NFTs. In this article, I will be discussing different ways to earn on TINY WORLD creating multiple sources of income either as a player or not at your convenient time.

Combining defi, nft and gaming together is an outstanding feature of TINY WORLD as a blockchain game to create a stunning experience for both gamers and non-gamers. To bridge the gap between gamers and non-gamers, the ecosystem is designed in a way to accommodate every user to create a passive income for themselves by either actively playing the game or holding the NFTs. Do you mean I can earn just by holding the game NFTs without being a player? Apart from holding the game nfts used in participating in the game, in the next few slide, I will list different ways you can on TINY WORLD. The world is TINY but can contain everyone to earn. To participate in the game requires just 1 Hero NFT and a maximum of 3 to start earning either as a gamer or not.



Not only will you earn as a player, but also by staking your asset on the tiny farm which includes multiple ways to earn. The combination of defi with gaming will be one of the ways for users to earn effortlessly and will play a tremendous role in the advancement of gaming where players and non-players can earn a passive income. With defi, nft and gaming on a single ecosystem, you can earn on a tiny farm in multiple ways which include;

  •  Exploration farming: in which users can collaborate to form an exploration team and stake their Heroes to earn $TINC. Each NTFs mining period is calculated by its energy after it has reached 0 the mining stops and the user can renew the energy to start mining again
  •  Yield farming: in-game assets instead of selling can be staked on tiny-farm to earn more returns.
  • Users can also boost and accelerate their liquidity mining returns by staking one of their Tiny heroes NFTs. For example, if you stake in the liquidity pool of TINC-BNB, the user can boost their mining return by staking a Heroes NFTs with will be calculated by the Heroes rank and power.

This simulation games with a tower defense mechanism where each player is responsible to protect their territory with their hero's NFTs and at the same time tend to other dungeons and become the ruler of the darker world.
Each player in the dungeon will purchase and own an NFT land, build their territory, and combat with other dungeons while at the same time enjoying the benefit of earning with their land and price increase at the same time.

    Is a part of the game ecosystem designed like an idle trading game where the player uses their free time to battle, an auto-battler where you can use your TINY HEROES NFTs to fight endless waves of enemies with a single click automatically by clicking the COMBAT button. In the tiny kingdom, users will be able to restart the battle, click the combat button, and the uses Heroes NFTs will engage in battles with different enemies and earn CRYSTALS (in-game consumables that are needed for various actions which can be sold for $TINC on the marketplace.) and also rewarded with in-game special equipment. The amount of reward earned is determined by the stages which rank from 1-14 and you can move to the next stages by upgrading your NFTs ranks. The more powerful your heroes NFT are, the more you earn. Just sit and with a single click your heroes NFT will be on the battlefield giving your rewards in multiples ways which include;
  • Item recycling
  • Leaderboard rewards
  • Marketplace sales.


Apart from different ways highlighted to earn in each category, users can also earn by lending their in-game assets, staking their tokens, trading items on the marketplace, staking liquidity provider tokens in the tiny vault, and also increase their reward by moving into higher categories from NOVICE-GOD. As the gaming industry evolves, there will be a need to give access to non-gamers to participate in blockchain games and earn passive income like Tiny world. The world which is TINY but built for everyone to play, earn and enjoy their adventure in blockchain gaming.

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Web3 ecosystem
Web3 ecosystem

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