Shiba Inu, Tezos and even bitcoin tanking, what to do?

By steverobert | wealth concepts | 18 Nov 2021

So as you may have noticed like I did that cryptos are taking a hit today and have been down over the past few days.

Is a bigger drop coming, is a sky rocket up due?

Everyone has charts and graphs that say they can predict the future based on them. Good get some advice, but nothing is for sure.

So what do you do?

Invest when others are afraid, but not the whole house.

I have been adding to my positions in Tezos and Shiba as they have dropped, and even took some profits.

I invest in smaller increments instead of the whole bank. I added $500 to shiba at .000047 sold it at .000055 and not look at buying again  at .000042.

I didn't touch my $5000 investment is Shiba, I'm hoping for a better rise. So for me 10% of my investment at a time works. I added, took and re-added getting more for my money. If Shiba drops again under .000040 I may have a shot of Jack to make it easier to handle then I'll add another $500.

By adding and taking some profits in small increment means I don't miss some good lows and I hold for longer term profits.

Of course I am only risking money I can afford to loose.

I was a buyer of Tezos under 6 selling at 8 now its under 5 and I've added some above 5 and looking to add a little more under about 500 again. This has been working in the last year I turned $5000 into at one point 20,000 (now 16000) so I am still playing with profits, but I'm hoping to see my gains come back and adding more when its down will help make those gains bigger when it recovers. While many pullout fearing more losses, I'm a long player, I can wait for the big gains without fearing the losses.


Fear is the biggest hindrance to becoming wealthy and have a good future. So relax have a shot and ride your choices into the future.


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