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My father taught me many things that have helped me be financially stable.

By steverobert | wealth concepts | 14 Aug 2022

My father taught me many things that have helped me be financially stable.

Savings was one lesson he taught me that takes on many faces. The one that seems small is the saving of change. I have always had a change jar that I put my change in at the end of the day. It seems small and maybe lost in this new generation of debt/credit card use. Every few months I take the jar into one of the few banks that still takes coins and find that I have $200-300 in change. Over a year I can save as much as $1000 from the change I really don’t miss. Of course, that means I must have cash in my pockets. This also helps because I can see daily how much money I have left to spend. When you use a card, it is hard to tell how much you have to spend. When I’m down to $5 I know that I can’t spend it on just anything. It stops me from making many small impulse purchases. The extra change cash can be saved or invested. Any type of savings takes discipline but this one is easy to do.


Waiting to buy anything over a certain amount like $100 or even $1000 dollars. This one is hard, but it has stopped me from making a few bad purchases. Salespeople want you to buy now and get bonuses or discounts only offered today right now. The truth is they can offer the bonus tomorrow and if it is a good deal then why the pressure. Taking a day to think about a large purchase is a good idea. I have avoided many vacation packages and timeshares but stating I will not buy today because I always wait 20hr to make purchases over $1000. The amazing part is when you turn them down, they talk to a manager and find you a better deal to give you. Still didn’t buy but was amazed how much better the deal was when you turn them down. I can’t say how many bad purchases I have avoided and that left money for good purchases. I now own 7 rental properties instead of time shares and things that wouldn’t produce income for a better future. I don’t have the largest TV, expensive appliances, I do have good quality things but took the time to think about the purchase and if it was worth it and decided to save a little and put the money to work for me with investing instead. The bonus is today you can use that 24 hours to locate a better deal with all the online resources out there. I still like store to see products, but the internet can find me good savings.

I hope these little tips help you start to save and reach financial stability.

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