IS L7 a scam, not sure but I have checked my transactions they appear real

By steverobert | wealth concepts | 21 Sep 2019

Ok so I wanted to see if the transaction I was told happened actually did happen. I know the site may be scam but if the transaction is real, then why walk away with 400 million with what they charge 40% of the transaction, they can walk away with 400 million every other month in fees.

All investments are a risk, new ones with nre concepts even more so, so I'm going to see where it falls. If you want to join and try $100 and see what happens feel free


The first is a screen shot of my transaction history 268.65…… share sold

272.76…… returned. Under the number of shares it shows the transaction with a link to the PAYSAFE.LLC (owned by L7) with the transaction. Go below




This is the PAYSAFE link, the 268.65…. was part of a 3376 transaction with the hash for the LTC transaction. Payment back also followed on page. But at this time both are part of L7, so I clicked on hash and was sent to independent site for blockchain verification. BLOCK CYPHER had the transaction listed as part of the LTC blockchain. Appears to be a real transaction.




The same for the return transaction








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wealth concepts

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