FunnyCats: My newest adventure

By jdmprincess | WAX Adventures | 24 May 2022

FunnyCats is the newest addition to my arsenal of WAX games, and I have to say - it's a little bit different from my usual adventures. I made a decision when I started into WAX that I was going to go entirely free-to-play (in that I would never exchange my hard-earned fiat money for WAX). I'm happy that I have been able to stick with that decision, however it has made my options somewhat limited at times. I never seem to have enough WAX on hand, and while other people are buying the best items they can for games, or buying initial investments just to play games, I am often unable to follow suit. A couple days, however, I had a good day on the secondary market, and I scavenged up enough WAX to make a small initial investment to play FunnyCats. 

So what exactly is FunnyCats? It's a relatively simple purchase a cat, stake it, and come back occasionally to claim its earnings. The more rare it is, the more it earns - but the rarer cats also require longer time before being able to claim. I currently have 3 cats staked - a promo cat (may be claimed every 30 minutes, but hardly earns anything at all), a common cat (mine may be claimed every 3 hours and earns a little more, but still not a lot), and - the cat I worked very hard to purchase - an epic cat (may only be claimed once every 16 hours, but earns a significant amount). I have had the promo and the common for a while now, but they earn so little that I really wasn't even worried about claiming except when the thought to do so just happened to pop into my head. However, with the purchase of the epic cat, my outlook on the game is changing. 



As you can see, there are two tokens in the game: Catcoin, and Catnip. Each cat earns a set amount of each token per claim. Catcoin is straight profit, while Catnip is required in order to recharge your energy level: each claim uses 5% energy, and 5 Catnip refills that 5% energy. The higher the level of your cat, the more Catnip it earns - my Yoda gets 40 Catnip per claim, which leaves a 35 Catnip profit after recharging. 

Once you've made your initial investment, you have a choice to make: You may either exchange your earnings in Alcor and take away some WAX, or you can save up and use your game tokens to buy more in the shop. Available in the shop are cats, Space Packs and Space Suit (more on that shortly), or Catnip Stickers, which can be used to upgrade your cats. 


It costs both types of coins to purchase anything, so you need to choose wisely how to go about this - and make sure you don't spend too much Catnip and find yourself short on energy! I have gone over this shop quite a lot, and have come to the decision that there are a couple different ways you can go about maximizing your earnings, depending on how much you had available for your initial investment. My initial plan had been to very slowly save up enough to fill my slots with increasingly higher level cats. However, since I was able to purchase a Yoda, my plan now is to save up, without purchasing anything, until I can afford to turn my earnings into more Yodas. With any luck, it hopefully won't take TOO long, and each subsequent Yoda purchase should take less time than the last. 


The Catnip Sticker, as mentioned earlier, is what makes it possible to upgrade cats. How many stickers are required depends on the upgrade, though they are a bit pricey, so I don't think I would personally use them - but that is 100% a personal choice. If that strategy works out best for you, more power to you!

With the space suit, you can utilize 5 additional spaces for 5 additional cats. From what I can tell, these cats require a longer period of time per claim, and earn higher Catcoin rewards but lower Catnip rewards. Definitely a decent little bonus! And, of course, you can always list any extra assets on the secondary market, or simply claim the coins and cash out for WAX if that's what you prefer. 


TL;DR: I rarely play games that require any significant initial investment, but I'm excited about this one. I think it has great earning potential, feels like a good investment for long-term, and the art is great as well, which is always an added bonus!

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