VentuaryDAO is the #BestDApp to Crowdfunding for Waves Projects

By Thiago Capuano | Waves Beach | 2 Dec 2019

All developers decentralized applications, especially programmers need to raise funds for your project cost production, and it is not an easy task and between applications of Waves Platform there is one to meet this demand.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization and social network  for building, supporting and monetizing web3 solutions on the Waves  blockchain

It is known that the Waves provides various development tools, and still no rests and offers incentives through Waves Labs, but reaching conditions to win these incentives is not a very easy task for individual developers and startups, then Aleksei Pupyshev, along with a team created the VentuaryDAO, a decentralized application aimed at developers of dApps with RIDE for collect funds from the community to keep continues developing your projects.


VentuaryDAO is decentralized application platform for provides support for startups in the early stages to obtain financing through the community and a SandBox dedicated to Dapp ideas filter adopting Web 3.0.

The application of VentuaryDAO possess in addition to raising funds from the community to listed projects, Dapp project constests for the ecosystem such as Waves Dev 2019 Bounty, P2P Games Dapp Contest and Descentralized Trading & Finance: Dev Contest where they are offered several awards in Waves tokens, and goes beyond, because the VentuaryDAO became one of acceleration and filter point to reach existing financing incentives of Waves Labs that uses the results as the part of assessment for its financing.

VentuaryDAO contests for dApps

Project Registration

Basically the dApp project developer get your registration in VentuaryDAO platform, and fullfill a form about the project information you want to get funds and financing, adding in your project form by completing relevant and critical information for validation and qualification, like as fundraising period, beta endline and development financing goal, in addition to other pertinent information. You can see a instructions in video bellow. 

Community funding

From the point that the project is suitable for the basic requirements of information it is presented on the panel and becomes accessible on the platform, and anyone who sees the project may add credits to finance in a simple and practical way.

How it works

The amount deposited for user-project funding is not directed directly to the developer or startup of the project, but for a special fund portfolio, because if the minimum target is not achieved or the project is not presented in accordance with the delivery terms of the results expected, the deposited funds return to their owners.

This mitigates various actions of misconduct by bad intentioned people, for preventing the project's mastermind has direct access to the deposited fund will prevent his from taking the value without delivering the results of the project, or submit an exorbitant value than needed to project development, providing a development cost value sparingly.


The first benefit is for the developer to have a mechanism for raising funds and filter speed for design validation on Waves Labs, whose incentive value can reach the equivalent to US$ 100k.

Grants for talented blockchain developers and startups

The second benefit is for the investor get the return on your investment if the project does not meet its goals, with your guaranteed funds, and if the project meets the objectives and attracted the goal of the object, have the project running and eventually as shown the project description the necessary advantages for project financiers in this development.

The third and biggest advantage is for the developer and for the investor, because at the time the project becomes appropriate and reach the goal desired, after an approval with the project developer receiving their respective financing and an incentive on the Waves Labs, the investor of the project can get back your investment in 150% of the amount invested in the project.


With VentuaryDAO be displayed project to community for it to invest with safely, avoid many risks in project financing althrought a decentralized application platform, with benefits for both the project developer and for the investor who assisted in the investment project by crowdfund structure of VentuaryDAO, without necessarily put aside that the project can be listed in dAppOcean which is a catalog of dApp projects in Platform Waves aimed for projects developed for the Waves ecosystem.


Catalog for dapps on waves platform ecosystem

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