Neutrino is #BestDapp stablecoin protocol in Waves

Neutrino is #BestDapp stablecoin protocol in Waves

By Thiago Capuano | Waves Beach | 5 Dec 2019

There are several stablecoins, we all know many, the most famous and lesser known, each has its own characteristics of ballasting, the Neutrino innovates with its hybrid system.

Of many stablecoin there are those that are simply backed into a fiat currency, or in some commodity such as gold, without comment those that self stable state by an accumulation of several cryptocoins.

Neutrino Protocol

What makes the different Neutrino

First the Neutrino is not only a stablecoin itself but a dApp protocol wich classifies the value of stability by determined algorithmic so focused on token that aims to be a benchmark in equity, therefore the Neutrino protocol can determine the example establishing the value of USD-N = US$ 1:1 or EUR-N = EU$ 1:1, and is not limited to the fairness towards fiat coins, the protocol may allow the relational factor value in any way for any asset.


The neutrino ballasting is crypto-baked, based on the waves token, this approach can even be considered simplistic and similar to many other, however the functional characteristic of the protocol using dApps, and oracles for reference value balance maintenance provides a controlled stability  taking into consideration the distributive condition of tokens is in the amount of capitalized balance of the respective current supply of Neutrino token comparing it to the amount of capitalized waves token stored.

A simplified summary is that for each 1 current USD-N is necessarily capitalized value stored in waves should be equal to US$ 1.


Market fluctuations

The Neutrino token should be stable, but the market surge, the Waves hardly will be stable, and this is where comes the so-called "bonds" that has an underlying function to remove from the market excess circulating currency being provided by the exchange of the neutrino with the proportional discount for taking the balance of the current capitalized value of the Neutrino and crypto-backed stored in waves.

The "bonds" in the reversal of the market are settled by their owners for the value 1:1, thereby obtaining the gain on the difference provided by the discount on acquisition and automatically restores the balance of the working capital of stable Neutrino token for the entirety of the stored capital in Waves.

This constant implementation of the Protocol in Intelligent dApp contract allows a continuous movement of resources in the application itself functional and controlled manner by the investors themselves.

Other resources

The dApp of the Neutrino protocol also offers some interesting services, because the application also allows the stake for the implementation of Neutrino token itself, indirectly the investor freezes its Neutrino token valued at waves is given an allocation in the consensus participation of evidence Waves on a node, and the result of its allocation is reversed in Neutrino token and transferred as income executed of freezing.


Community Support Bounty

Still in its beta version, the Neutrino already offers numerous differences in relation to known stablecoins with a hybrid approach, with products and services in expanding and improving the support of the community, can still be seen both the current and the ballast in their caps, precisely because it is a protocol for decentralized application accessible by blockchain, it is not too much to say that the Neutrino protocol will have a lot to offer in creating other dApps of the most diverse products and services.


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