Top Ten Super-Agents From Movies And TV

By wrabbiter | watched-this-yet | 21 Nov 2020

Girls want to have them as safety-bringing husbands, boys want to be them so they can marry any girl. They are so 'super' in what they do that putting them altogether in a death match would surely bring the world to extinction faster than any nuclear warhead. Who do you think among these fellas is the greatest super-agent?

Ethan Hunt

He is the best that the Impossible Missions Force has to offer, and can be deployed as their most able agent whenever the need calls for it. Highly trained in the art of stealth, espionage, and hand-to-hand combat, he is in fact capable of removing the “im” in his team's missions, making them highly possible. Whether it’s high-octane action or if it’s heart-stopping heists you want to behold, Agent Hunt has something for you in either category.

Actor: Tom Cruise

Appears in: Mission Impossible Film Series


Harry Callahan

Popularly known as 'Dirty Harry,' this guy is perhaps the first bad-ass character to ever successfully paint his image on the silver-screen. We are now quite used to seeing super-tough, rough-talking, and gut-busting action heroes today. In various modern movies and TV shows, we see ‘tough-as-nails’ protagonists that their kind seems to appear overused already. Like it or not, it was Dirty Harry who triggered them to existence and brought them to fame.

Actor: Clint Eastwood

Appears in: Dirty Harry Film Series


James Bond

This character has appeared in too many versions already. But the franchise has proven to be still relevant to this generation with the latest incarnation. Appearing in both style and toughness, today's James Bond is still as charismatic, yet interestingly devastating to his opponents as well. For sure, this agent with the code name “007” will be re-adapted again and again for years to come, and in that case, we can expect this super-agent to endlessly give us the thrill we constantly seek for.

Actor: Daniel Craig

Appears in: Recent 007 Film Releases


Jack Bauer

A true action hero deserves no rest, and Jack Bauer is a testament to this. Solving world-threatening cases in a span of 24-hours, this super-agent has technically the stamina and determination to put down any person with evil intent regardless of what country he is from, or what possible political ploy he's working with. The guy is obviously human, but he can present himself as a tireless machine that can demolish any terrorist group that would be foolish enough to engage in battle with him.

Actor: Keifer Sutherland

Appears in: 24 TV Series


Jason Bourne

The most popular amnesiac action hero, who still manages to be one of the deadliest agents– this is the best way to describe Jason Bourne. He barely remembers his past life but it doesn’t diminish his effectiveness and deadliness in any way. Fulfilling his self-motivated missions with very little help and resources, this super-spy is the ultimate embodiment of the phrase 'one-man-army.'

Actor: Matt Damon

Appears in: The Bourne Film Series


Bryan Mills

He is a retired CIA operative, but when some really bad dudes messed his daughter up, he hopped into the action once again so he can beat the perpetrators to a pulp. With his unparalleled strategizing skills, he can almost infiltrate any secretive evildoer groups before they even know it. Highly capable in both physical and tactical entanglements, Bryan Mills can really spell terror in the eyes of criminal syndicates.

Actor: Liam Neeson

Appears in: Taken Film Series


John McClane

Ever the reluctant hero, he mirrors the personality of any typical guy in the sense that he doesn't want to save the world, but he has to because he is called by the situation. And when he responds to that call, the bad guys will certainly start to feel sorry indeed. Harnessing the very little assistance that he can get from his fellow law enforcers, John McClane can still thwart the evil plans of the evil guys behind them, with great effectiveness.

Actor: Bruce Willis

Appears in: Die Hard Film Series


Xander Cage

Most government super-agents are bred under a military facility for many years before sent into the field. In the case of Xander Cage, however, it is entirely different. He’s just a guy with an extreme love for extreme sports, and with great proficiency in such a habit. Due to his being a professional in that gig and as a TV show star, he gets chosen on a special mission against Russian baddies which he completed... with an extreme level of success.

Actor: Vin Diesel

Appears in: xXx Movie


Martin Riggs

A suicidal, seemingly crazy guy with a shoulder that can easily get dislocated– these are his notable attributes. Unlike other action heroes who have great finesse in physical combat, Martin Riggs has nothing but bravery and tenacity... which are usually enough to get the job done. He is a bit unstable as a person in terms of emotion and mentality, but if you’re the kind who spells terror to his community, he can be the toughest opponent to handle.

Actor: Mel Gibson

Appears in: Lethal Weapon Film Series


John Reese

If you believe you can't dress sharp while projecting bad-assery, you'd easily admit you're mistaken when you get to meet this guy. He will follow you wherever you go, and unleash some amazing acts just to keep you safe if you happen to be one of those that gets preyed by evildoers. A former assassin who turned over a new-leaf, John Reese is on a constant trek in the streets of New York, under the guidance of a supercomputer, always ready to risk himself to save you, when your number is up.

Actor: Jim Caviezel

Appears in: Person of Interest TV Series

Who do you think among them should be declared as number 1?

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