Love It Or Hate It: The Endless Modifications to Star Wars

By wrabbiter | watched-this-yet | 18 Nov 2020

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . lives a man with great vision and superb creativity. In a planet called Earth, he fascinated the minds of multitudes of movie-goers, until he outrages the same with extensive modifications to his most-prized creation. . .”

The statement above is perhaps how a denizen of the Star Wars galaxy would express his/her/its disgust over the truckloads of changes that George Lucas, considered to be one of the greatest film directors in Hollywood history has made over the course of his, and that of his fictitious universe’s lifespan.

George is a brilliant man and a fantastic storyteller, there’s no doubt of that. But while digging into the archives of Earth’s mass-media, it appears that even members of the trillions of sentient species from the “Lucasverse” have had enough already of the seemingly, “never-ending” changes that the director has made and will certainly make in the next years.

As an obsessed fan of the greatest mythological saga humankind has ever witnessed, I also found myself badly wanting to unleash the “closet critic” in me as to how the Star Wars saga could just be “left-out as it is.”

But an inner-drive akin to midi-chlorian manifestation has pushed me into writing this article instead. Hate all the modifications all you want, despise it for all it’s worth, but join me as I look into the “light-side” of George’s modifications:

It proves Mr. Lucas is the Jedi Master (or simply the master) of film making visuals. Founded during the mid-70’s, Industrial Light & Magic is among the industry’s top CGI fabricators, if not the best there is. A few experts claimed that even some of today’s special effects companies, though equipped with state of the art gadgetry can’t still manage to achieve the same kind of visuals that the original, unaltered versions of the Star Wars films have projected.

If George pioneered all the eye-candy digi-graphics that we enjoy today, can’t we just give him the indulgence he needs that we ourselves want to indulge too? He started it all, so let him prove again and again that he is the ultimate guru of film making visuals!

It helps us deal with our “it could have been better if” statements. In every movie we’ve seen, we certainly have a stream of “it was supposed to be like this, supposed to be like that” statements after the viewing. Not all movie directors are willing to offer us alternatives regarding their aesthetics and scene alterations.

Sir George on the other hand gave us several editions of his masterpiece[s] so we can view it from different visual preferences. There are currently not less than 5 releases to choose from: with a bunch of the better and sometimes, irritating changes to feast your eyes on. Take your pick, and have the most wonderful onlooker job you’ll ever get.

It rekindles our “first love” for the series. Let's admit it. First love is sweeter than honey, and more elating than any joyride. Do you remember how you were blown away by the breath-taking space scenes? Or how you were badly wishing you could cuddle with the Ewoks? If you don't remember that amazing feeling anymore, then you may want to relieve the adventure again, and again. . . and again.

It can help us identify the true Jedi, and the true Sith. By the virtue bestowed upon him, though he doesn't know it, (and certainly wouldn't care to know) George Lucas has knighted me as a full-fledged Star Wars addict, a real-world Jedi. Of course, there are millions of us who are claiming to have the same title.

But are all of these Jedi wannabes hardcore loyalists? One way to test their devotion is to let them view any new Star Wars revision, and let them give constructive and insightful observations, or they could just simply accept the changes that come with it. Failing to do this shows their disloyalty, which ushers them into the dark side, on the verge of joining the Sith Order.

It makes us realize the true superiority of Star Wars. Before Episode IV: A NEW HOPE emerged, what did Hollywood have? : predictable traditional movies. . . lots of predictable traditional movies. (Did I mention predictable traditional movies?) The late 70’s experienced a massive turn of the tide when R2D2 and his droid-loving pals scraped the silver screen. Is there any other movie series that lived through the decades the way Star Wars does?

I can say with zero-doubt indication that these Wars that took place light years away own the superiority that shouldn’t be given to any other sci-fi film. Worried about the fact that some other movies of similar theme seem to overshadow its greatness?

Fear not avid fan, More Star Wars material currently baked in the oven right now, and more of them will surely be manufactured in the next years. TV series, video games, novels, and even more movies! For every entertainment category you may think of, new Star Wars material will always emerge!

For the years to come, the force will certainly rock pop-culture in ways never equaled before, or ever will be... of that, I am certain.

This will again most probably result into Sir George doing come changes again to his original trilogy.

“Troubled you must not be, of the changes that Master Lucas has done to his masterpiece, young Padawan. A manifestation of the dark side, your defiance to his will is.” - Master Yoda speaks. Would you dare to defy? You better not reader, if you wish to avoid the path that Anakin Skywalker took.

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