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Here's how to mine Bitcoin freely

By Wakko | want to be free | 7 May 2020

At the beginning of the Bitcoin history, the first faucet offered users a reward of 5 Bitcoins. Daily. What about now ??? Who can afford a 10k$ BTC ??

Nowadays you have to solve captcha, to look advertisments, to gamble the few the websites give you in order to earn not even a fistull of satoshis...

But, there is a (slow) way to make a constant growing flux of our beloved cryptocurrency,


Let's talk about a free way to mine, grab your shovels.


1- Find where to Dig


StakeCube's taking care of my coins for a year now, giving me staking rewards for my masternodes rewards...
It also have a simple faucets service, with no captcha.
Since april 29th, they offered a cloud-mining service, to has to be paid in SCC, the StakeCube coins.
Let's see how we can put this together and get some free hashrate.
First of all, you have to register to StakeCube (click on it will open a new window so we can make it together). When you have register, wait minutes for the confirmation code you will receive by mail.


2- Grab some Dust


Claiming StakeCube's easy faucets will give you the base we need to start investing. Log in then go claiming some free money. Open the menu, then click on Community
open menu, then click Community


And go to the Faucets section
select the Faucets
You just have to claim all that free coins
Claim them all !!!

I said it was a slow way if you don't want to invest a little money. Fact is most currencies you have in faucets give you staking rewards, so you allready start earn passively. Don't forget to claim daily...
Let's press fast forward and see what we'll do next


3- Sell the (free) Dust, buy (exchange) your first Showel


StakeCube as an integrated exchange, listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
With the money you earn free, click on menu and go to that exchange.
Click on menu, then Exchange
Select the market for the coin we want, the StakeCube Coin
Select SCC Market


Sell (I should say "exchange" cause you never buy it) your coins to get the needed SCC
Sell them all
We now have SCC for the coins we freely claims... So, it's still free money


4- Buy the Mine


With the required amount of SCC coins (depending of SCC/BTC rate, BTC price...), go to the MineCube section
Click on MineCube
then, in the MineCube section, buy all the hashrate you can
Buy Power

that's all, free satoshis daily, for a lifetime !


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want to be free
want to be free

I want to share with you my methods to have passives incomes... But if you don't have money to invest, you have to begin with opportunity you don't have to pay. Who want to be free ??

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