EtherFi Gnosis Safe Gets 3.7M valued Ether from Amber Group

By Novasky | DevPress | 12 May 2024

Before we go on with the news let's check out what is gnosis safe. Gnosis safe is a wallet and a smart contract platform made by the gnosis labs and the custodian companies make use of it for the staking and the asset management purpose. This platform requires multiple signing of the wallet for it to work and get the transaction to be signed here. But that's just the use case side of the market. There is a etherescan and other ether monitoring services which are keeping track on who is trading and how much assets they have. They recently checked the Amber groups ethereum transfer through EtherFi gnosis safe DAO. The amount is as high as the 3.7M value. 

Total of about 1200 Ethereum were transferred through the wallet. It kind of raises the question in the crypto market. Gnosis safe system has been in use for the safe and secure wallet transfer of the Ethereum based digital assets. And company like the Amber Group that does the digital wealth management and the digital asset handling is going to be in the news. A lot of the asset management companies are moving the ethereum based assets and they are kind of working with the Lido and EthereFi lately. 

You can check out the transaction here in the address here

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