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2020, A Year of Many Achievements For Wanchain

By ZooEcosystem | Wanchain | 2 Jan 2021

2020 was an extremely extraordinary year for every country, every company, and even every individual. As we roll on into the new year, it’s time to take a look back and reflect on what the Wanchain team and community have accomplished in the last twelve months.


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The two year anniversary of Wanchain mainnet

January 18th, 2020, marks the two year anniversary of the Wanchain Mainnent!

EURS integrated on Wanchain’s mainnet

The Euro-backed stablecoin EURS issued by technology provider STASIS is bridged with separate blockchains via wanBridge mechanism.

Wanchain 4.0 launched

Wanchain 4.0 has landed! This new release allows for heterogeneous private and public blockchains to share data and assets through Wanchain’s new T-Bridge framework.


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Insights Online Blockchain Summit

Wanchain and Finnexus co-organized Insights Online Blockchain Summit.

Mars Finance had an interview with Wanchain Founder Jack LU

Wanchain found Jack LU shared his opinion about 2020 Covid-19 Epidemic and its affect on the blockchain industry in China.


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Integrated with EOS

EOS blockchain is the third heterogeneous blockchain that cross-chain integrated with Wanchain.

Integrated with USDT

Cross-chain USDT is live on the Wanchain mainnet and integrated into the official Wanchain Light Wallet.

WanTalk Episode 1

Wanchain team members chat about recent Wanchain updates and share some exciting new developments for the Wanchain ecosystem.


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Ecosystem project Wandora Box opens

Developed by FinNexus team, Wandora Box hit the Wanchain mainnet and became the first ever decentralized prediction game to launch on Wanchain.

Wanchain’s interoperability mentioned in WEF research paper

Framework for Blockchain Interoperability by World Economic Forum includes Wanchain’s cross-chain study.

Guiyang blockchain system for poverty relief was selected

Tuoluo Research Institute released industry report which includes Guiyang Hongyun Blockchain System for Poverty Relief


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Wanchain Gas fees reduced from 180gwin to 1win

The reduction of gas fees for transactions from the original 180Gwin to 1Gwin makes DApp usage much cheaper, making Wanchain more attractive as a platform for both DApp creators and users.

WRDEX and Bitlly DEX launched on Wanchain

The two ecosystem project Bitlly DEX and WRDEX are live on Wanchain. Users can trade WAN, BTC, ETH, EOS and USDT on the two DEXes.


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STO Platform launches on Wanchain with Partner Talium

Wanchain is extremely delighted to announce a partnership with the French securities and Software as a Service (SaaS) company Talium with the launch of the first Security Token Offering (STO) platform on Wanchain.

Decentralized No-Loss Lottery, “Jack’s Pot” Goes Live

Jack’s Pot is the Wanchain based no-loss lottery DApp inspired the Ethereum based no-loss lottery DApp, Pool Together.


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Wanchain Dapp Store Goes Live

Wanchain mobile wallet launched Dapp Store, and the first 5 dapps are available on Dapp Store.

Updated 2020 Roadmap

Wanchain 5.0 will enable truly cross-chain DeFi

Wanchain and Pundi X Join Forces to Bring Cryptocurrency Commerce to the Masses

The cooperation between Wanchain and Pundi X makes it available for people to use WAN coin and Wanchain wrapped assets WBTC, WETH, and WEOS to pay for their favorite goods and services!


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Fully Decentralized Galaxy Consensus

The foundation has decided it is time to remove the reserved consensus slots, shut down all foundation nodes, and turn over the entire network to the public, so that Wanchain is now fully decentralized and controlled by the community.

Wanchain is certified by Coinmarketcap in the DeFi list

DeFi Conference 2020

Jack LU made a keynote address: Wanchain Cross-chain DeFi on DeFi Conference 2020.


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The anniversary of Galaxy Consensus

Wanchain Galaxy Consensus of PoS has been successfully running for one year.

Wanchain 5.0 Open Beta Testnet Bounty Program

The Wanchain 5.0 Testnet is fully open to the public. We invited all node operators, developers and general users to participate in the Wanchain 5.0 Open Beta Testnet Bounty Program.


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Wanchain 5.0 wanBridge: Enabling a new world of interoperable DeFi

We started publishing Wanchain 5.0 series articles which covers the aspects of Wanchain 5.0 security, incentive model, cryptography, engineering, etc.

Jack LU had a keynote speech at Shenzhen Blockchain Summit

Wanchain Founder Jack LU delivered a keynote speech at Shenzhen Blockchain Summit in China.


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Wanchain 5.0 mainnet goes live

The launch of Wanchain 5.0 marks a landmark achievement in Wanchain’s cross-chain mechanism and cross-chain capabilities.

WanWallet Desktop for Wanchain 5.0 launched

WanWallet Offline for Wanchain 5.0 launched

Wanchain Explorer for Wanchain 5.0 launched

WanWallet Mobile for Wanchain 5.0 launched

WanMask for Wanchain 5.0 launched

wanBridge Web for Wanchain 5.0 launched


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Ecosystem project WanSwap launched on Wanchain

Ecosystem project WanLend launched on Wanchain

Ecosystem project Dark Forest launched on Wanchain

The second Storeman Group begins the Storeman node selection


In 2020, the Wanchain team continued its deep cultivation in the development and innovation of the cross-chain mechanism, and further integrated cross-chain with DeFi applications. Together with the community and partners, a series of innovative cross-chain DeFi dapps such as WanSwap, WanLend were launched on Wanchain, and they are sought after by the majority of Wanchain community users.

In 2021, Wanchain will continue to empower DeFi with cross-chain technology. Lets get the new year started!

About Wanchain

Wanchain is the infrastructure connecting the decentralized financial world. Wanchain’s live cross-blockchain solution is EVM-based, includes optional private transactions, and provides a decentralized, permissionless, and secure approach for interoperability. Wanchain has employees globally with teams in China, the USA, and other team members around the world in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

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