Little known secret for BAT Token (Brave Browser Rewards)

By BlueSkyCrypto | Wallets & Earnings | 1 Sep 2020

Hello again!

I just wanted to write this quick post to let people know of a few options you have with your BAT token. Once you have collected BAT from your Brave browser what is the best possible thing you can do with it?

HOLD IT. However, don't hold it in your Brave wallet. Sure you can see it all the time and watch the value go up and down but you are missing out on a huge income opportunity. 

Right now with Celsius.Network you can earn up to $50 for just depositing $200.00 worth of any Crypto for the first time. So if you have some BAT kicking around collecting dust, download the Celsius wallet app and deposit a minimum of $200.00 USD. You will be sent a $20.00 sign on bonus as well as a $20.00 deposit bonus, sent directly to your Bitcoin wallet within Celsius.

Yes, you read that correctly. You can take your FREELY earned coins from Brave and send them to Celsius not only for a couple of big bonuses but also to earn a whopping 4 - 5% interest on the accumulated BAT. This interest is paid out every single Monday directly to your wallet.

DO NOT let that Brave token sit idle, put it to work and start earning weekly interest!

Download the Celsius.Network App today, use this referral link provided to collect the bonuses.

Happy Coining!!

Celsius.Network App is only available for MOBILE DEVICES as to help with mass adoption for even the most remote locations.

Click logo to get the app


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Wallets & Earnings
Wallets & Earnings

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