Last Chance For $50 Bonus. CRO Token Value & All the Reasons Why

By BlueSkyCrypto | Wallets & Earnings | 14 Oct 2020

As of November 1st will be changing the Bonus structure for new members. As of right now, if you download the app you can earn yourself an extra $50.00 for staking CRO coin, which is's Utility token.

Not only will you earn an additional $50.00 in CRO Token that you can stake but you will also get an APY of 20% for your staked CRO.

Currently CRO is valued at = $0.142 in order to recieve the $50.00 bonus you must stake a minimum of 5000 CRO Tokens

5000 CRO = $710.00 - However the current market for CRO is in a heavy drop, so keep an eye for the bottom and jump in cheaper. 

If this is too expensive of an option than you can also stake just 1000 CRO Tokens for a bonus of $10.00

1000 CRO = $142.00 - Get your $10 Bonus in CRO and stake to earn up to 20% APY

You can't go wrong with, not only will you collect great interest rates but you will also qualify for a platinum Visa card connected to your wallet, if you choose to use it. You will also get access to the Syndicate which have 50% off sales every week for different Crypto coins.

So far we have been able to acquire amounts of Bitcoin, Maker, Compund & OMG. at 50% off which has been a HUGE help for increasing our portfolio's.


We honestly do not share the app very often. There's a few reason's for this and all are purely selfish. 

A. We want the coin value to stay low longer. We currently earn CRO and are always purchasing to add to our balance while the coin is low in value.

B. We want the platform to remain under the radar for at least a little while longer, so that we may partake in new programs and options. This gets increasingly difficult as the members increase.

C. recently added DeFi options. Here you can deposit CRO Token for a charging period. Once the charging period is up you will then receive rewards based on the deposited amounts over the 30 day period. Rewards will be paid out in the DeFi coin for that 30 day period. Currently we are charging up with 19 days left for Uniswap Token. The next coin is unknown at this time. Super simple, deposit CRO, wait, withdraw CRO & collect DeFi coin rewards.

People love referral rewards but you probably won't see a lot of people sharing's App.

In order to truly make money in the Crypto space you have to be able to get ahead of the curve. is still fairly new in the grand scheme of things and with that, the coin is sure to increase substantially over time.

Why will the CRO Token increase in value? 

The CRO Token is used for a variety of things within the's App.

  • CRO can be staked to earn at a high rate of interest
  • CRO is used to pay lower trader/maker fee's
  • CRO is the ONLY coin that can be used for the 50% sales
  • CRO can be directly linked from your wallet to a Titanium Visa Card.


There's so much has to offer, we could write all day but a few more things that is famous for would be the 0% Fee for Crypto purchases. This happens ALL the time. I don't think we have actually ever paid a fee when buying Crypto through the App. This includes ALL payment types.

Also,'s Pay feature. Instantly send Crypto to any other user in a split second and so much more. 

Bonuses change as of November 1st, new opportunities all the time and as we said CRO Token is currently dropping so no better time than now to get started :)

Use our link to get access to these and additional bonuses ----->> App

Happy Coining



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Wallets & Earnings

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