What is Loopring (LRC Coin)? Who is the Loopping project development team?

What is Loopring (LRC Coin)? Who is the Loopping project development team?

By Lềm Thị Phiến | An an | 27 May 2020

1.Loopring or LRC Coin is an open protocol platform built on Ethereum's Blockchain technology platform in China. LRC Coin is not only a protocol, but also an automated system for decentralized transactions through electronic money. Loopring aims to protect users from the risks of partners and reduce transaction costs.

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The Loopring Coin Project brings together people with experience in technology. Notable names of the project include:

Daniel Wang:

The founder of the project. He is the co-founder and CEO of Coinport Exchange, co-founder and vice president of Hygene Online, Senior Director and Blockchain Research of Zhongan Technology.

Jay Zhou:

A former employee of PayPal Risk Operations and Founder of SJ Consulting.

Johnston Chen:

He used to be the Chief Information Officer at 3NOD, and is currently the Project Finance and Product Specialist.
There is also the support of other members like
  Hoss Ma, Freeman Zhong, Leon Wang, Shuhong Chang, etc.


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