The fastest way to withdraw money from Olacity

By Lềm Thị Phiến | An an | 14 Dec 2020

Hi, welcome back to my blog.

In this article, I will show you how you can withdraw money from Olacity to your wallet quickly, do not know if you are interested in this topic ??   If you do not have an Olacity account, you can regis HERE If you are new and do not know anything about Olacity, you can review tutorial       👉  HERE   To withdraw money from Olacity follow the steps below   Step 1: On duty (VNDC campaign) da46f9fc851d34a613d3f273424e4fbecf96317d51385246a527498db7bc3b50.jpeg   To do this campaign, you must first move your country (Vietnam 🇻🇳). 83bb761973594f22610836add99527a39601c3ccf7675cc8cbeecd1e057aa47d.jpeg   Step 2: After selecting the country of Vietnam, scroll down and click on the text (in blue). 5114c232a914d3157920cbf828c0ecf581933a53b272b039fd7c40173112d6eb.jpeg   Next it will move to the VNDC account registration  

Now for an easy to understand account registration you can re-select your country   


Step 3: In the registration section you enter your phone number and password to register and then click VERIFY.


Step 4: Verify the OTP (Olacity they will send the OTP through your phone number) your job is to fill in the OTP and then click Verify.


Step 5: KYC verification (please download the VNDC app on CHplay store or IOS to your phone or computer).

Step 6: Log in to your VNDC account Once the download is complete, log in with your phone number and password.

Step 7: KYC verification instructions, you can review instructions HERE

Note: KYC verification is REQUIRED.

After completing KYC registration and verification, how can I withdraw money ???

Bước 8: Withdraw money from Olacity to VNDC wallet

In Olacity's interface, select the My Wallet section


To withdraw money back to VNDC Wallet you just need to enter the phone number or email that you used to register VNDC and choose the amount to withdraw (withdraw at least $ 5). Withdrawal time is from 1-3 days.326da205abb4b08e9d5a356d77c95cc4825211e5b64f280464ab57f41efcfff9.jpeg

If you have finished reading this article and still do not understand how to withdraw money you can contact me via FACEBOOK I will assist you.

Thank you. See you in the next article.                            

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