What is Ola city? Download apps, watch ads, ... make money with Ola city.

By Lềm Thị Phiến | An an | 6 Dec 2020

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog

In this article I will share with you a completely free money-making project called Ola city.

So what is Ola City? And how to make money?

To answer the above question invite you to read through this article it will not waste your time.

1 What is Ola City?

Ola cityA platform that helps members take advantage of their free time to earn extra income by doing some simple actions such as registering an account, watching ads, downloading applications ... or can save details. By participating in the cashback program when shopping thousands of online and offline stores affiliated with the City of Ola.

To make money online with Ola City, you just need to register an account, then log in to do the task, I will guide you now.

2 How to sign up for an Ola City account

Click here and then click the Sign Up Free button. Then fill in the information to register yourself an account


Next Ola city will send an email verification link you open your email inbox, activate the link to verify your account.

That's it, once you have an account, log into the system and make money.

3 ways to make money on the city of Ola

In the monetization section, there will be 4 different forms of making money.


1 LIAN campaign (this campaign is ignored)

2 Campaign VNDC

If you do not have a VNDC account, you can register for VNDC via the system of Ola City. After successfully registering and completing KYC (identity verification), you will immediately receive VND 10,000 into your VNDC account.

You can review the article

3 View advertisement

Each ad will appear clearly the received price (from 50 - 1000 VND) and viewing time (5 - 60 seconds). You press the "View" button to open to view the ad in the requested time, the ad can be a web page or a video. After viewing the required time, the money will be immediately added to your account.


4 Short link campaign (you can learn more about it).

Click to view each task and then carefully read the requirements and conditions of each task! Then do the work as required. Once completed, you will receive the required amount.

Due to the new launch, Ola City currently has only a few above campaigns and tasks to make money, but surely in the near future there will be more campaigns, and it is expected that Ola City will also launched many kinds of tasks for participants to make money such as online surveys, watching promotional videos, ....

4 How to withdraw money from Ola city

Minimum withdrawal balance is 5 usd

To withdraw money you must have an account VNDC 

If you do not know how to register please check my previous article about VNDC.

To withdraw money to your VNDC account, go to "Balance", click "Withdraw" then enter the address of VNDC Wallet (email or account that is used for VNDC account), enter the amount to withdraw then click "Confirm receive ”to withdraw money.

After clicking Confirm, check email, you will receive a confirmation email from Ola City, open the email and click on the confirmation link is OK. Then wait a few hours the money will be transferred to your VNDC account.

Once the money has been deposited into VNDC, you can withdraw it to your bank account at any time.


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