OlaCity guides MB Bank tasks to earn $ 2.61 easily.

By Lềm Thị Phiến | An an | 14 Dec 2020

Hello all of you

Welcome back to my blog, in this article I will guide you to do MB Bank tasks on the OlaCity platform and earn $ 2.61 completely free.

To earn $ 2.61 with MB Bank you have to make sure you already have an OlaCity account. If you don't have an OlaCity account, you can register HERE.

Instructions to do MB Bank duties

In the interface of OlaCity you select the item


There will be a lot of tasks for you to make money, but I will guide you to do MB Bank tasks because (there is a task I have instructions for you in the previous posts. here it is) so I won't say it again
You can see details .... HERE ....

To do MB Bank's task, select Other Missions.


You then choose MB Bank for ANDROID or IOS (depending on your device).


For me I would choose MB Bank for ANDROID for iOS as well.

To do this task you just need:

Step 1: Download and register App MB Bank through the link OlaCity provided

Step 2: Verify the information and take a selfie.

Step 3: Log in to MB Bank and verify information.

After doing the right steps, the processing time will be 5 days, and the payment time is 30 days.

Step 4: Share the referral link to your friends and relatives, you will receive $ 2.61 / 1 referral.

Note: The referral must complete the instructions like this article.

If you finish reading this article and you still have not done it, please contact me via Email: [email protected] I am always ready to assist you.

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