A quick guide on staking Viva.

Stake Viva to earn Vitamin Coin

By mightbecutecat | Vitamin Coin | 17 Dec 2021

The Vitamin Coin team is pleased to announce that you can now earn VITC on the Viva staking pools! Viva is a decentralised staking protocol on Vite chain.


A mobile device with the Vite wallet app. A working camera is preferred.

  • iOS: 11.0 or newer
  • Android: 6.0 or newer

Viva is required to participate in VITC staking pool. Learn how to earn Viva here.   Staking Viva Logging in Viva Staking Pools Go to Viva Staking Pools and click on the login button.   f6a0ed_1fe294543cbd42f8bb92ba5b396558d4~mv2.webp        

A QR code will appear:  


Open your Vite wallet, tap on the scanner symbol at the top right corner of main screen: 


Scan the code and confirm login:


If you cannot use your camera, you can import a capture of the QR code via the gallery at the top right of the scanner's screen. file.png          

Staking Viva

Step 1: Click on the Stake button on Viva website.

Step 2: Enter the desired amount of Viva you want to stake.

Step 3: Sign the contract on Vite wallet app.

After these steps, your Viva balance will appear on the Viva website (see [4] for example).   f6a0ed_01fa3be555964a51a96352a415b347bc~mv2.webp        

Withdrawing or claiming from the pool can be done in a way that is similar to adding Viva to the pool. Just click "Claim" or "Withdraw", instead of "Stake".

Happy staking!

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Vitamin Coin
Vitamin Coin

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