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By virtugrana | VirtuGrana | 14 Nov 2020

After I got to know WAX, I looked for more projects that involve NFTs directly or indirectly and I was surprised. There really are a lot of cool projects that are already on this network and I’m going to share with you some of the ones I’ve met, not only the most popular ones but those with great potential.



Regarding the wallets to use when interacting with dapps on the wax network, I recommend the WAX ​​Cloud Wallet for those just starting. Yes, it is a custodial wallet but it is easy to use, being very intuitive for the end-user.

You can buy WAX with a credit card directly in your wallet, check your nfts, explore dapps and projects, buy resources, and perform wax staking easily.

If you want a personalized wax address, you need to create a “non-custodial wallet”. I recommend following this guide here:
Or you can read more about wax wallets and other guides at

Bearing in mind that it may involve costs to reserve resources on the network in this process of creating non-custodial portfolios to obtain customized addresses.

For non-custodian portfolios, I recommend Anchor or Scatter. When using Scatter I found some bugs, so I use Anchor more. You can follow the custom address creation guide using the scatter, then import your key into Anchor.



To track your transactions, you can use, I think it’s one of the best explorers for this case, but it’s not yet supported to view some NFTs with the AtomicAssets standard, at the time of writing this article. Another option is WAX Eos Authority.

In the explorer, you have more specific tools to manage your account, make a stake, create an account, claim rewards, and much more. It’s quite interesting. The same in the Eos Authority explorer.

A good NFT Explorer on WAX is the Waxplorer. I find it very interesting the way NFTs are displayed and it has a ranking system based on a score depending on the collection. You can also check for sales, collections and more, for both SimpleAssets and AtomicAssets.



Marketplaces are essential tools that connect nfts enthusiasts, crypto artists, and other projects. Create, sell, or buy NFTs in marketplaces that are like the exchanges we know in the crypto world, only for nfts.

Some of the best-known marketplaces in the wax world are:


Myth Market




I usually use AtomicHub for atomicassets and Waxstash or Simplemarket for SimpleAssets, Waxstash supports some collections of the two NFT standards.



Airdrop Tools

If you are a collection owner whether it’s crypto art or a blockchain game, you might be interested in having access to an Airdrop tool. Basically, you can airdrop an NFT or token, in batches, based on the fact that the wallets hold an NFT from your collection or another partner collection.

Some of the projects that have airdrop tools are:



These are great services that save a lot of work by sending NFTs in batches to an address book based on some criteria.

Trackers and Bots

If you like to keep an eye on and show others your NFT portfolio, I recommend the TokenHead application, developed by AlohaEOS, available for iOS and Android. Very intuitive and simple interface, facilitating its use, however, it only tracks some collections of NFTs on the WAX ​​network, which are relatively popular at the time of writing this article. You can share some items from your collection on social media if you want.

If you like to keep an eye on the movement of whales, I recommend that you follow a Twitter account called Wax Whale Alert, it tracks the movement of accounts holding a significant amount of WAX.

Another cool bot is @WAXplorerBot on Telegram. You can track an NFT and know when someone has put something on sale that you want to buy.

An excellent mobile application to monitor new drops as soon as they are launched in AtomicHub is the Atomic Drops Notifier, developed by programmer Javier Mendonça - Available for Android.



Here, I try to recommend some great channels and podcasts to learn about the WAX ​​ecosystem, especially, and other blockchains based on EOSIO or crypto in general, follow the link.


Wax Official
mBlu Crypto
Wax School
NFT Hype





Anyway, we got to them … The collections that I will recommend here are collections that I found particularly interesting the idea or the style involved in the arts or the project related to them.

cryptomonKeys —
NiftyCards —
NiftyWizards —
hotcakes —
Kaleidoscope —
Dingleberries —
Tokenhead —
Monster Letters —
Crypto Twerpz —
Alien Worlds —
Starcards —
GoPepe —
Mutant Warriors —
Dark Country —
Blockchain Heroes —
(My Collection) freshywave —
nfthypealbum —
periodcelem —
tribalbooks —
upliftart —
bitcoin origins —
vancitycomic —


Well, that’s it, these are my project recommendations on the WAX ​​blockchain so far. Did I forget any? Leave it in the comments. Oh, I almost forgot. Please, if you like the wax ecosystem, and would like to know more projects, learn more about, be sure to stop by Discord enthusiasts or fans of NFTs on the WAX ​​network.

Click here to access the discord

Check my article for an overview of the WAX ​​project.

Other projects/communities with potential but “high risk”, please research carefully all the projects recommended here, do your own research, and decide to invest your time or finances on your own.

NFT Airdrops Communities:


Well, that’s it, until the next article! Hugs and DYOR.

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#Blockchain and #Crypto Enthusiast, promoter. Investor. Not a financial advisor of any form. If interested PM or add on Discord: VirtuGrana#3892

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