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By virtugrana | VirtuGrana | 6 Jul 2020

Undoubtedly, one of the first and most important tools for a crypto enthusiast is a cryptocurrency monitoring service, a crypto tracker. It is always good to monitor the price of cryptocurrencies, before taking action, be it buying, selling, or holding, even more in this volatile market.

One of the first ones I met was CoinMarketCap. It is certainly a very popular option, but according to some, after the purchase by Binance, it may have lost a little bit of impartiality, but it is a good tracker, it has some interesting features like the recently launched chat. However, in this article, we will explore a very interesting alternative as well: CoinGecko.

About Coingecko

Coingecko is a cryptocurrency tracker, just like CoinMarketCap, which appeared in 2014. The tracker provides tools for fundamental market analysis, also, tracks prices, market cap, volume, community growth, code development, important events, and metrics on-chain.

CoinGecko’s core team is composed of 15 members, each responsible for a role or position within the company.



In terms of the interface, I find it very beautiful and minimalist, which is a positive point, in my opinion. Browse tabs at the top and search for cryptocurrencies using the search box.


On the Markets tab, get information about market cap, highest volume, top gainers and top losers, newly added currencies, cryptocurrency indices, exchanges, stablecoins, and discover new cryptocurrencies with the Discover tab. Also, have information about derivatives on exchanges.


Get information about exchanges on the “Exchanges” tab. Here we have something recently added: the Trust Score. In traditional market exchanges, having a high volume means having high liquidity, however, in exchanges in the world of cryptocurrencies, we have some exchanges with many volume fakes, wash trading, and other ways to manipulate the price.

Trust Score

The trust score is an indicator algorithm, which seeks to analyze this issue, identifying “reliable” exchanges, through some factors such as Web Traffic, Liquidity, Trading Volume, API Availability, in addition to others such as cybersecurity, due to the recent partnership with the company Hacken, specialized in pentest. For more details click here.


News and Tools

In News, have an aggregate of information about cryptocurrencies in general, through a collection of news from different crypto media portals. Also, find out what’s going on in your favorite project through CoinGecko Beam. Listen to the CoinGecko Podcast and get important information about cryptocurrency services and projects as well.


In Tools, discover the CoinGecko mobile app. Learn recommended platforms to win cryptocurrencies (Lending, Borrow, Staking …). Integrate widgets into your website, from a simple price indicator to a CoinGecko Beam heatmap or updates and more. Compare cryptocurrencies and even know how much you will have in a few years, saving some satoshis in Stack Satoshis.


Get resources like API, integrating into your application/system. Analyze Reports, obtaining an overview of the market. Have fresh news in your email inbox, with NewsLetter. See the calendar of popular events in the world of cryptocurrencies, learn more about CoinGecko’s methodology. And request the listing of your cryptocurrency, exchange, or event in a Request form.


Community and Learn

Learn more about the world of cryptocurrencies. Find common words in that space through the glossary. Read guides with CoinGecko Buzz or even the How to Defi e-Book, learning more about the Defi universe.


Explore the community created around the CoinGecko tracker and interact with people, looking for solutions in case of doubts. The team is present in practically many of the social networks, from Facebook to Steemit. It even has a store, where you can find products CoinGecko related.



By clicking on cryptocurrency from the large tracker list, you will have general information about it, a price converter, graphics with price history, information on social networks, development, news, and much more…


Coingecko and Defi

One of the interesting and cool things about CoinGecko is that it separates cryptocurrencies by tags referring to the related use cases. As DeFi is a hot topic at the moment, if you want to get into this environment and get to know new projects, just search for DeFi related and click on the tag.


Check out a list of DeFi-related projects here.



Recently, CoinGecko launched its loyalty program: the Candies. Using the tracker every day, you get Candies. They are nothing more than loyalty points that allow you to exchange them for rewards. Yes, that’s right, you can receive rewards just by using the tracker.

First, you need to register on the site. A CoinGecko account not only allows you to earn candies but also to check your favorite currencies on the website. Registration is very simple, just click on sign up and enter email or password and you’re done.


The rewards you can get through candies are discounts on courses, t-shirts, insulated flask, e-books, and my favorites, which are the NFTs! They will probably have more options in the future, as this feature is in Beta and constantly improving.


Final considerations

Reviews and Suggestions

CoinGecko is a great tracker, but I think they should better evaluate the criteria for listing new projects (exchanges or cryptos) since it is common to have things not as cool as washing trading and price manipulations. The implementation of the new Trust Score algorithm was very interesting to counter this argument. But wouldn’t it be better to nip it in the bud? Rather than listing an exchange with bad intentions and ranking it as negative, wouldn’t it be better to analyze it first and not list it?

The candies system is very interesting and was implemented as a way to encourage the use and create loyalty between the user and the service. I think they should partner more with other projects, even blockchain games to increase the range of reward options.





Do you know any more cool trackers? Leave it in the comments.

Well, that’s it, I hope you enjoyed reading this far and until the next article.

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#Blockchain and #Crypto Enthusiast, promoter. Investor. Not a financial advisor of any form. If interested PM or add on Discord: VirtuGrana#3892 My Links:


#Blockchain and #Crypto Enthusiast, promoter. Investor. Not a financial advisor of any form. If interested PM or add on Discord: VirtuGrana#3892

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