Mintable - An NFT Marketpalce That Supports Dual Blockchain [Zilliqa + Ethereum]

By virals | Viral's | 25 Aug 2020

Minting "Non-Fungible Tokens" just got easier and cheaper than ever with It works as a dApp that allows minting and trading NFT's. If you are thinking about entering into one of the largest parts of the crypto industry, Mintable could be the best entry point. Let's take a brief look at their features.


What is Mintable App?

Mintable is an NFT creating tool and marketplace to easily trade those tokens. It supports both Ethereum and Zilliqa blockchain which is a great advantage for both crypto-collectibles creators and collectors.

What can you do with Mintable App?

Mintable got a super simple UI that makes its service relatively easier for everyone including your granny. Since it doesn't require any technical knowledge other than uploading files and giving its name and a description, anyone can create their very own NFT token.

Here is what you can do on the site:
  • Easily create new NFT, no coding is required.
  • Create either on Zilliqa or Ethereum blockchain.
  • Sell your NFT's on the marketplace.
  • Browse other people's work and buy, hold, or re-sell them.

Why Should You Use Mintable?

First of all, Mintable supports two blockchains Ethereum and Zilliqa. Adding Zilliqa in this category is a huge achievement and a great advantage because of the nature of Zilliqa's rich feature. If you create your items on Mintable Zilliqa platform you'll know how cheap it is to mint an item. I have been experiencing this option since the first day of launch and belive me it costs at most $0.05 (yes five cents) for minting and roughly $0.2 (yes twenty cents) for listing on the marketplace. Please note, the USD price is not accurate since it depends on $Zil price (at the calculation time $Zil price was ≈ $0.022).

Here is a quick list of why I like the platform: but please keep in mind, there are more features than I can write down here now. So you should discover them on their site or ask any questions on their Discord channel.

  • When creating a new item, Mintable will walk through the process to make it easier.
  • No coding requires at all.
  • Almost one-click minting (except the blockchain sign)
  • I'm not comfortable with Ethereum because of its high fees and its not affordable for most of us.
  • Zilliqa made it super cheaper to show my creativity to the world.
  • Non-custodial marketplace, this means when someone purchases my item, the funds (Zilliqa) directly come in my wallet.
  • Support is very friendly, almost replies every question within a few minutes in Discord.
  • Most ETH based sites are slow and lengthy to load, so I avoid them. Only a few are good but I hate the ETH fee eater.
  • I can create my stores, where I can showcase only my items.

What I Don't Like About Mintable?

I cannot do batch minting, which means I'm not allowed to create more than one item at once. So I need to mint again and again if I want to create the same item more than once. This is pretty awful. But I heard, they are working on it, and soon we will get a batch minting function.


Example Stores

Considering the age of the platform, I noticed a significant growth of stores and token minted here. I see some great creation by a few creators, while I also see some level 1 work which is a great sign that people without experience are entering into the industry. Here are the top three stores on Zilliqa Mintable ranked by sold item count:

1. FaceArt created by criptospn

This store has some cool abstract art at a cheap price. It seems this guy loves to play with colors. Check out this store here.

2. Crypto Warriors created by midas_ph

This store has some cool collectibles for crypto lovers. Check out the store to find your favorite crypto projects warrior card.

3. Unique NFT created by viralnft

This store has only rare collectibles, with all limited edition artwork and collectibles. Go check out the store to find some interesting NFT to collect. (Note: This one is my store)

I'd highly recommend you to try Mintable Platform even if you never used any NFT marketplace before. Join their Discord if you need any help or follow on Twitter for the latest update. Remember DeFi won't stay forever, but NFT's will exist for your lifetime. It's all yours.

Special note: Without a buyer's support, a digital artist or NFT creator is nothing. So, do support them when you see something worthy to purchase or collect.

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