Thermopolis Buffalo - Photo Salvage - Wondrous Wyoming

My last photo from Thermopolis this time was a surprise salvage.
Honestly, I thought the photo was a goner, of no use at all save to show you that we had buffalo there.

Above the Hot Springs in Thermopolis, there is a lovely grazing area with some of the sunken hot springs from eons ago. Some of those were featured previously. But there are also buffalo in the park and we went looking for them.

Unfortunately, without anything to steady my camera, I struggled to come up with a picture that was usable. (I have a partial solution for that now - for our next outing - but I didn't have anything then to use with my zoom lens.)

So, here is what I started with.



This is after my usual edits and adjustments. It's almost usable, but not really.

Art to the rescue!

Once the usual edits have failed, it's time to pull out the stops and see if something can be made of the image. Artistic edits in Photoscape and Gimp are my main resources at this point.

Here are the two I found that actually seemed to work.



I'm honestly not sure which is my favorite, but suddenly, my blurry photo has had a breath of new life!


Photos taken by myself in May 2019 with my Pentax K30.

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