Droplet - Photo Salvage

I'm pulling out an old photo of mine - one that I just love because of all my photo salvages, this is my absolute favorite.
For some of you, this may be "over-processed" but I loved the overall effect and the final result. Note: all of the edits were on Photoscape unless otherwise noted.


(Image - as meme with my Facebook page labeled on it.)

So, the story is...
One day, I was at Chalice Well in Glastonbury playing with my macro-attachment. As is common in England, it had rained recently - very recently, in fact.

Here is the picture I took - a single raindrop on a twisted hazel, I seem to remember.
As it is, it's not a bad picture, but lacks any real interest in the picture.



So, first, I do my normal edits - including auto level, sharpen, backlight and sometimes a color enhancement.
It's improved quite a bit.



Then, I decided to have some real fun! I colorized it...



Then added a lens flare.


Before adding my margins and text for my final picture (as above.)

This picture has undergone several different edits over the years. Here is another version: (this one used GIMP in addition to Photoscape.)



Photo taken by myself in 2009 with my Pentax K100D.
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