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9 Of Cups - Your Wish Has Been Granted!

By DRB9490 | Vibration101 | 27 Oct 2021

The 9 of Cups is a special and unique card which represent satisfaction, fulfillment, and contentment. This card shows that dreams do come true, and what you desire is yours to have. You feel comfortable, secure, and confident with where your life’s at, and where it’s heading when the 9 of Cups appear. Everything is coming up roses at this point in time, so enjoy the ride!

The suit of goblets, cups, or chalices are one of 4 suits in the Minor Arcana , and correspond with the suit of hearts in traditional playing card decks. Water is the element associated with the suit of cups, and represents “going with the flow”. Water can be calm and soothing, or intense and destructive. It can provide life and be a source of growth or erode and decay whatever it comes in contact with. The suit of cups has a strong feminine characteristic, and ties closely to relationships, emotions, and intuition. The suit of Cups in a tarot reading deal more with the heart than the head, and rely heavily on feelings and relationships.

9 Of Cups Meaning & Description

The 9 Of Cups depict a charismatic man sitting on a wooden bench with his arms folded across his chest. His excellent posture and wide spread legs take up the entire bench. This body language indicate a high level of confidence and self-esteem. The smirk on this mans face tells you everything you need to know about the 9 of Cups. Fulfillment, satisfaction, and contentment radiate from the man, and his smile shows that he’s finally “arrived”.

9 Of Cups Meaning

Directly behind the bench is an altar, or row of pillars enrobed in blue cloth. Sitting atop the pillars are 9 golden cups, which further signify the success and fulfillment the man is experiencing at this position in life. The 9 cups surrounding the man are in the shape of a horseshoe, which symbolizes luck and protection.

9 Of Cups Keywords


  • Satisfaction

  • Gratitude

  • Happiness

  • Success

  • Achievement

  • Dreams Coming True

  • Confidence

  • Appreciation

  • Wishes Fulfilled

  • Optimism


  • Misery

  • Unhappiness

  • Pessimistic

  • Disappointment

  • Shallow

  • Materialistic

  • Underachieving

  • Negativity

  • Arrogance

  • Broken Dreams

9 Of Cups Upright

9 Of Cups Upright

The 9 of Cups Upright has come to be known as the “wish” card in the Minor Arcana. Receiving this card in a reading is a sign that your deepest desires and heartfelt wishes are about to become a reality. The 9 of Cups Upright is like reaching the pinnacle of a mountain, taking a deep breath, and appreciating the hard fought journey that brought you there. Life is full of ups and downs, highs and lows, but the 9 of Cups Upright indicate that you’ve arrived at your destination and it’s time to enjoy. You feel at peace with all aspects of your life, whether it’s mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, or financially. When you take a look around you, and evaluate where you’re at in life you feel content and at ease.

If you haven’t yet experienced the “wish fulfilled” that’s depicted in the 9 of Cups Upright, then just hold tight. This card is a sign that what you’ve been longing for is right around the corner, quickly heading your direction. The 9 of Cups Upright can also remind us that life really isn’t as bad as we think it is. Feeling content and fulfilled can also be a state of mind, or a glass half full mentality. When you start to consider how fortunate you really are, (like having a phone to read this on, wearing clean clothes, or not worrying about your next meal.) then it isn’t hard to find a smile on your face like the man in the card.

Drawing the 9 of Cups Upright show a strong sense of self worth and high self esteem. This positive energy is infectious and magnetic! Utilizing this energy leads to attracting the people, places, or circumstances that turn your wishes into reality. Standing tall, maintaining eye contact, and carrying yourself with confidence will demonstrate to the world that you’re comfortable with yourself and content with your position in life. Walk the walk, and own this newfound “swagger”….it looks good on you!

9 Of Cups Reversed

9 Of Cups Reversed

The 9 of Cups Reversed can have a ‘hollow’ or empty feeling associated with it. The reversed version of most tarot cards can have a negative connotation, and the 9 of Cups Reversed is no exception. This card warns of the dangers associated with getting everything you want, but still feeling empty inside. What happens when you’ve worked so hard to achieve your goals and desires, but it’s for all the wrong reasons? Are status and fame the driving motivator in fulfilling your wants and wishes?

I associate the 9 of Cups Reversed as finding a magic lamp, and summoning a genie who grants you 3 wishes. You’re full of self serving thoughts, arrogance, and greed, but you quickly make your first wish. “$1,000,000…..NOW!” you demand, and sure enough the genie grants your wish. A million dollars appear in front of you, and all you can think about is how to spend it on yourself. Suddenly, out of nowhere, you’re swarmed by police and quickly placed under arrest. “What’s this about?!??!?” you exclaim…. and the officer politely tells you that you’re being arrested for tax fraud and embezzlement for over $1,000,000. The genie will grant any wish you so desire, but often times it doesn’t turn out exactly how we envisioned it would.

You deserve to enjoy every pleasure life has to offer, but not for the sole purpose of impressing others or to feel greater than those “beneath” you. Luxury cars, fancy clothes, and expensive watches aren’t bad whatsoever, but using them in a smug and arrogant way will eventually leave you feeling empty and alone. When the shine wears off, so will the ‘friends’ you surround yourself with. The 9 of Cups Reversed is a reminder to place value on the things that really matter in life such as your health, friends and family, life experiences, and the time we have left. Ask yourself how many U-Hauls you’ve seen behind hearses when the 9 of Cups Reversed card appears!

9 Of Cups Love

9 Of Cups Love

The 9 of Cups Love card signifies that everything is right in the world when it comes to your love life. When you receive this card in a reading it means that you feel content, appreciative, and satisfied with the status of your relationships. Being single and drawing the 9 of Cups Love card indicates being self assured with your current relationship status. The same positive energy associated with the 9 of Cups Upright is benefitting you equally as well in your love life. The confidence and self assurance you project make you more attractive and desirable to those you come in contact with. Your head and heart are both in the right space to take on a new relationship, but there’s no reason to rush into anything unless it matches what you truly wish for in a partner.

If you’re in a relationship and draw the 9 of Cups Love card, you and your partner are experiencing a period of harmony and bliss. The relationship between the two of you is at a point you’ve only dreamed of before. When the 9 of Cups Love card appears make sure you’re expressing gratitude and appreciation to your partner for the happiness and joy they bring. This card signifies that the relationship is stable and heading in the right direction. The 9 of Cups Love card can also point to reaching a major milestone in the relationship. This can be an anniversary, engagement, wedding, or commitment that further strengthens your partnership.

9 Of Cups Money

9 Of Cups Money

The 9 of Cups Money meaning transcends only financial gain or advancement at work. No matter where you find yourself at financially right now, it’s more than enough to keep you happy and content. There’s no worry or fear associated with where money will come from, or how you can afford the things you desire. If prosperity, fortune, and wealth are what you truly desire then that’s what you’ll soon receive. (if you haven’t already!). Life’s too short not to enjoy the fruit of your labor, and share it with those that you love. The calm, cool, and collected relationship associated with the 9 of Cups Money card gives you peace of mind regarding your finances.

Respect, recognition, and appreciation are all closely tied to the 9 of Cups Career meaning. Any projects you’ve been working on are about to come to a successful conclusion. Whatever you decide to take on at this time is bound for prosperity. Work will no longer feel strenuous, and your coworkers/boss will take notice of how effortlessly you complete your tasks. The confidence and optimism you’re feeling make now the perfect time to speak up for a raise or promotion. Nothing is off limits when it comes to what you’re capable of achieving!

What areas of your life are you feeling satisfied, content and fulfilled with? What are your dreams and desires? Have you ever experienced a time when you got everything you wanted, but it wasn't quite what you expected? How are you showing gratitude and appreciation for your current situation? Let's have a conversation!

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