Everything you need to know about VeChain

By Zoran Spirkovski | VeChain | 12 Jun 2019

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Basic introduction into VeChain

VeChain is a blockchain company based in China, which has facilitated the implementation of more than a dozen blockchain projects. 

I recently published an article about one of them which involved a French Wine Producer, and as a result enabled Chinese customers to avoid fake French wine. This was apparently a major problem in China, as the national luxury wine sales income was higher than the actual importing amount. The reason for this was not a significant price margin, but rather the reuse of luxury wine bottles. Blockchain is clearly a good technology to implement here, enabling the consumer to scan a bottle to check their origin, date of production, and whether or not it was sold before.

VeChain has a lot of other projects and implementations that they are working on as an enterprise-focused dApp and ICO platform. Their mission is to connect blockchain tech with real-world use cases and to provide companies worldwide with a powerful infrastructure which they can use to develop their products and services.

VeChain has a lot to offer, which is why this article will be a challenge to write. Thank you preemptively for your help in the comment section! :)

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