VeChain's Growing Network: Exploring Key Partnerships and Collaborations

VeChain's Sponsors & Partnerships

VeChain, a blockchain platform focused on enhancing supply chain management and business processes, has established partnerships with various companies across different industries. Some notable sponsors and partners include:


DNV logo

1.DNV GL: A global quality assurance and risk management company, DNV GL has collaborated with VeChain to develop solutions for supply chain management, product traceability, and authenticity verification.

PWC logo

2.PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers): PwC has partnered with VeChain to provide blockchain-based solutions for clients in areas such as anti-counterfeiting, supply chain transparency, and product authentication.

Walmart  China logo

3.Walmart China: VeChain has worked with Walmart China on several projects, including the VeChain-powered Food Safety Traceability Platform, which enhances food traceability and safety in Walmart's supply chain.

BMW logo

4.BMW: Through its collaboration with VeChain, BMW has explored the use of blockchain technology to improve the transparency and efficiency of supply chain management, particularly in the automotive industry.

H&M logo

5.H&M: VeChain has partnered with H&M's subsidiary, Arket, to develop blockchain-based solutions for sustainable and transparent supply chain management in the fashion industry.

China unicom logo

6.China Unicom: VeChain has collaborated with China Unicom, one of China's largest telecommunications companies, to explore the integration of blockchain technology into telecommunications services and supply chain management.


These partnerships demonstrate VeChain's efforts to leverage blockchain technology to address various challenges in supply chain management, product authentication, and transparency across different industries.


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VeChain a Blockchain for a Better World

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