Expect Coercive UBI. Part 2: All (Vaccinated) People Are Created Equal

Expect Coercive UBI. Part 2: All (Vaccinated) People Are Created Equal

By NOVAX | Vaxxed World | 29 Apr 2021


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Part 2: All (Vaccinated) People Are Created Equal

All people are created equal. So we can define all living souls as a part of mankind entitled to equal rights. Man, woman, gay, straight, trans, black, asian, latino, Chistian, Jew, Muslim, athiest, etc... all people are created equal with individual rights that should never be violated. Violating any individual's rights is harmful to the larger society. The extent to which one person's rights may be violated is the extent to which the entire society's rights may be violated. The measure of an individual's freedom is the measure of the society's freedom.

These basic tenants of individual rights have and always will remain true. They are true during times of peace and during times of war. They remain true under the threat of terrorism and during a global pandemic. These are universal truths which do not ever change. Nonetheless, society is being terrorized into giving up all sorts of individual rights. Apparently guns can harm people, so we should give up our right to self defense. Pandemics kill people, so we should give up our right to unrestricted breathing and our right to decline participation in medical experiments.

We're really blowing the dust of the old US Constitution and realizing just how dumb those primitive ass clowns really were. They didn't even have Snapchat filters, Uber, or contact-less delivery. What a bunch of fools, right? Well some of those slave-owning dumb-asses lived through very real tyranny and they fought in a battle to the death in order to secure the rights which frightened authoritarians are presently flushing down the toilet... because they're afraid and they want a protective government to make them feel safe by violating other people's individual rights.

The thought of rape, murder, human sacrifice, pedophilia or ritual abuse elicits the most instinctual knowledge of the rights of mankind. We know the divinity of mankind as we consider the horror of the inhumane treatment of our divine souls. The violent and triumphant arc of societal organization through history rests safely with the rights of the individual. When we deviate in any way from the basic tenants of individual rights, we find ourselves descending into dystopian regimes capable of the most horrific atrocities carried out in the name of service to the collective or for the "greater good".

NPCs seem to have limited awareness or memory of how easily suffering is inflicted when individual rights are suspended... always for some "temporary" emergency purpose for which the ends are said to justify the means. We've been trading small portions of freedom for safety for so long that hardly anyone realized we had just about run out of freedom, and nobody felt even the slightest bit more safe. Up to this point, as long as we have acknowledged the divine spark within mankind, we have staved off the rapid erosion of our rights. However, the most powerful global corporations and governments wielding the awesome power of big data no longer appear to view the spirit of mankind with any reverence whatsoever.

Its unclear to me whether to attribute that to the growth of secular humanist and atheist elements within big tech, or whether the reduction of humanity into units of marketing data alone would have been sufficient to dampen the perception of the divinity of the soul of mankind. Perhaps, it's just easier to see the descent of man into a form of modern beast when viewed through Snapchat puppy dog face filters, the vanity of selfies and food pics, and the now moth-like average attention span. It's a fascinating situation to observe.

We have hoards of NPCs embracing the conceptualization of themselves as accidentally sentient monkeys, so they are willing to relinquish their divine rights. They actually already seem to have forgotten they ever had these rights to begin with. Perhaps they never realized they existed at all... like millions of unclaimed winning raffle tickets. Then those beast-like fallen human creatures revile the divine rights of mankind and seek to enforce the defilement which they have accepted for themselves onto the divine souls of all men. This is how I interpret the spiritual component of authoritarianism.


Authoritarians can not permit deviations, exemptions, exceptions, or aberrations. The authoritarian's unhinged compulsion is to make everything uniform. All must wear the mask. All must receive the vaccine. All must celebrate the socially acceptable wokeness dejour. You will wear purple to work on gay pride day and you will raise your fist in solidarity with BLM or the woke authoritarians will make sure you regret it.

Authoritarians are not content to allow anyone to abstain from participation. That's why the next wokeness battleground will be over compelled speech, precisely as Dr. Jordan B. Peterson cautioned several years ago. Many of Dr. Peterson's fears for society have been realized since the absurd semantics of pronoun usage began to become a matter of criminal complaint several years ago within the crumbling edifice of the western world.

In a simpler and nobler time, we had formerly derived that by ensuring the liberty of every individual, we could ensure the freedom of the greater society. We preferred not to arbitrarily restrict the rights of individuals based upon the sector of their employment having been designated as essential or non-essential. In times of only moderate dystopian authoritarianism, we did not establish universal mask requirements or vaccine mandates for any previous pandemic. Those are not the values and actions of a free society which respects the divinity of mankind and the unique circumstances of every individual.

First the authoritarians had to politicize the pandemic and dehumanize anyone who blasphemed the holy father of science, Dr. Fauci. Now once we have the world's NPC population moving to democratize authoritarianism, they begin to feel sincerely that if the individual's rights are voted away by a democratic process, then those divinely endowed rights suddenly cease to exist. My right to decide whether or not to wear a mask or take a vaccine is a fundamental health freedom right. I do not need an exemption to exist as I was made by my Creator.

It's not necessary for me to justify my "exemption" to anyone for any reason. My health choices are my personal decision which concerns my private health information. If I choose not to wear a mask or receive a vaccine for health reasons, I am not required to explain the intimate details of my debilitating neurologically degenerative auto-immune disease (which brings me to tears every time I'm forced to speak about how much my disease has already stolen from me) to every person in every interaction for the rest of my life. That's not right at all. That is a violation of my rights and the rights of every disabled person, every person with respiratory problems, and every person with autoimmune disease.

Universal medical mandates are a violation of individual rights. They must not be allowed to stand. If you are "vulnerable" and feel that you are at risk because of some underlying health issue, you can wear a mask, but you can not insist everyone around you wear a mask. But our authoritarian culture is allowing this. That's why I'm expecting the coercive UBI policies to begin ramping up soon. To begin with, there will be huge tax breaks for recipients of the vaccine and companies encouraging vaccine uptake. Later, there will be child tax credits for families with vaccinated children. Eventually, as more boosters are required and a more sophisticated digital identification and vaccination records system is implemented, a Universal Basic Income will be introduced and gradually increased or decreased based upon a social credit score which is determined in large part by "good health requirements" which include vaccination status.

Everyone has the individual divine right to run their business, breath air, travel freely, enjoy public spaces, and buy groceries. These are not things we can exclude people from doing in a free society. Enforcing these sorts of restrictions is a violation of the divine rights of mankind. However, we are no longer in a free and open society. The world is entering a time of technocratic global governance


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