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The Computer Language Python

Python one of the most popular computer languages, and it is the easiest one to learn! so the quick explanation would be that it can do everything ... just badly or not as good as other programming languages.

So if you do want to learn python my suggestion would be to use the program called Visual Studio Code or VScode for short, it's not a complicated program you basically just need to install the python extension and add .py at the end of your file name, I will make a more in-depth guide for this at a later point.

So you've got VScode and don't know what to do from this point on, well I'm here to help you get started. So the first basic command you will learn would be the print command, 

the command:

print ("example")


so the first thing in the command is the "print" statement it tells the computer what it should be doing, in this case printing something. the next thing it's the variable basically what this does is tells the computer the variable it will be printing.

this is one of the most basic commands everyone has to learn at the start.

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link to the VScode download:


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Valve Index, is it worth the money?
Valve Index, is it worth the money?

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