HTC Vive Pro kit (is it worth your money?)

HTC Vive Pro kit (is it worth your money?)

The HTC Vive pro kit the most expensive VR currently on the market, it would cost you around 2000$!

The most advanced VR with full-body tracking and amazing graphics and it has two AMOLED screens with a total resolution of 2880 × 1660 and a refresh rate of 90Hz!

Headset specs:

Screen: Dual AMOLED 3.5 diagonal

Resolution: 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye meaning 2880 x 1600 pixels combined

Refresh rate: 90 Hz

Field of View: 110 degrees

Audio: Hi-Res certificate headset, Hi-Res certificate headphones ( removable), High impedance headphones support

input: integrated microphones

Connections: Bluetooth, USB-C port for peripherals

Sensors: SteamVR Tracking, G-sensor, gyroscope, proximity, Eye Comfort Setting (IPD)

Ergonomics: Eye relief with lens distance adjustment, Adjustable headphones, and an Adjustable head strap



Compared to the Valve index which I made a post about a day ago the refresh rate is worse but the graphics are clearly better and by the looks of also the comfiness and as far as I can tell its also wireless! but for 2000$ that still is a bit much but if you have the money to buy one ( meaning it won't really affect your wallet) then sure buy it since graphics wise it is still the number 1 VR on the market.

but if you have problems with headaches I would suggest buying one with a higher refresh rate to make the game smoother since a lot of people experience headaches after playing VR for a bit for example buy the Valve index while the graphics on the Valve index aren't as good the comfiness and the refresh rate are! enjoy  144hz refresh rate and good looking games without headaches although it does still cost quite a lot(  1000$ )

If you want more details on the Valve index check out my in-depth explanation of the Valve index and ist properties! 

The VIVE PRO headset kit includes:

Headset: headset cable attached, Face cushion attached, cleaning cloth, Earphone hole cap (2), Documentation

Link box: Power adapter, DisplayPort cable, USB 3.0 cable, Mounting Pad

So as you can see the VIVE PRO is clearly better than the other VRs but it also does cost double the price!

So I hope you can now decide f the VIVE PRO really is worth 2000$ or ist it just one big scam, in my opinion, the headset should cost around 1500$ because 2000$ sure is a lot!

Valve Index, is it worth the money?
Valve Index, is it worth the money?

The Famous Valve index, the so said best VR yet on the market is it really worth 1000$? Well im here to answer a few of your questions. The Valve index offers 144hz refresh and good realistic graphics. It is also a very comfy headset that you can wear for a long time without having pain in your neck or head. The Question is would it be more worth to buy an Oculus Quest than a Valve index? It really just depends on your bugdet i would say if you have the money to buy a Valve index go for it.

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