Finally with in next 48hr Value token is going to be introduced in open market with dex platform.

By Robert R Davis | Value tokens | 20 Oct 2019


It is their commitment to never use your computer/system for mining purpose
With in 48 hrs, we are going to give details on how to get value web wallet
Claim value token by solving easy captcha
After getting web wallet, members can trade value token in open market with our dex platform.
To support community members, founders buy value tokens regularly with base price @1doge/value token
It is to encourage members to participate in value token trading
Referal bonus is 50% of ever claim made by the introduced member.
for more profitable offers, stay tuned in telegram channel.
Earn from the fist day.
No min withdrawal limit.
No time limit.
No ads.
Only easy captcha as proof of work.
Earn easy value

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Value tokens
Value tokens

By this blog, My aim is to introduce new crypto tokens and coins. Nowadays we see so many new crypto tokens and coins with many unique qualities. I felt it is very useful to our members to post about different new crypto tokens and coins.

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