I am frustrated

By uthus2000 | uthus2000 | 16 Jul 2020

I've only got 5 minutes so...

I'm frustrated. My wife's frustrated. My brother... Most everybody I know.

We are frustrated over the decisions of our overlords. "Masks are good for you!"

That's a lie. We know it's a lie. They know it's a lie. They know that we know it's a lie. They know that we know that they know that we know it's a lie. Ad nauseum.

The CDC which is now out of the loop says masks don't work for viruses. Mask manufacturers say that masks don't work for viruses.

So why the lies?

To make sure every on conforms. Be a good little serf and do what you're told. Don't question us. We know what's best for you. You are just not intelligent enough to make a decision on your own. No matter how much information you have.

Thankfully I can watch the Conservative Twins on YouTube. They make me laugh.




5 minute freewrite. Prompt: I am frustrated

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