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By LukasM | UseStellar | 2 Apr 2020

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About Me

First of all, I must disclose that I am in no way affiliated with the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF). I'm just a regular user like you. I discovered Stellar and Lumens ($XLM) back in January of 2018. Needless to say, I was hooked from the start. I love the project. I love the idea of near-instant sends, transactions that cost a fraction of a cent, a network that is green and friendly to the planet, and the ability to tokenize any object or expression of value imaginable. 

I am a public servant by trade; my resume is built with years of customer-centric labor. I have worked with my own money, my customers' money and my employer's money. Lets face it, the reason most of us work is to earn money. Money is very important, obviously, but as nice as it is to have a roll of fiat bills in your pocket, it is not a perfect system (don't get me started on the Federal Reserve) and it is difficult to send to someone in its physical form. 

So we invented the system of transferring funds electronically. That was great, until your credit card purchase is denied, or you overdraw your checking account and the bank claims more of your funds in the form of fees as a penalty. Bank controlled, electronic money is easier than paper but you aren't in total control. 

Now we have Bitcoin and all kinds of interesting projects they call altcoins. Decentralization is "financial music" to my ears. The problem is most people are not ready to "become their own bank". Most people don't want to worry about private keys, addresses, and transaction fees. They want to say who they are sending money too, how much they want to send and they want their recipient to get that money NOW. This is where Stellar comes in. Stellar can move whatever currency you have, (USD, Euros, Pounds, Yen, Gold, Silver, etc.), do some magic in the background, and have that person on the other end of the transaction receive it in their desired currency. There are many projects actively building on Stellar,  creating ways to make this happen with a click of the button. 

That is what makes Stellar exciting and why I can't stop thinking and learning about it.     

Goal of this Blog 

My goal is to discover, discuss and critique various aspects of the Stellar Network, whether it is a gaming app, a wallet, some sort of service, etc. I love everything about Stellar and hope to assist with its adoption. 

Thank you for your time! I hope you have a "Stellar" day!  -Lukas M

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