Worried about BTC devaluation...why not worried about it global adoption that will catapult the Price!!

The last days was a bit nightmare to all crypto space and last Thursday the BTC price dropped almost to 50% down due most to the well known global disease COVID-19 that is assuming and taking control of the all word.

But what we want in the crypto space?! The increase in crypto price valorization or the usecase that will catapult the price to levels never e reached before?!

I particular believe that the adoption and usecase of BTC is the best way to take the asset to achieve an incredible valorization in price and mass adoption in the world. The recent virus can be also a opportunity to make it happen and put the world aware that the world have a decentralized ecosystem to believe in and get more from it as payment system and store of value!

The digital payments will be used a lot this days where the pandemic virus is expanded and the bank notes are slowly becoming obsolete...yes obsolete as the future is bright to blockchain and BTC and assuming the CBDC projects will be assume a preponderance role in the world.

So I hope for more adoption worldwideΒ  and of course the price will increase ...so what you think about it?!


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