Why i think 2020 will be an interesting year on Crypto.

Why i think 2020 will be an interesting year on Crypto.

The year just started and many projects are continuing their expansion and exposure thru the crypto space,more Firms are being builded to explore the solutions created to interact with crypto, the Blockchain Tech.

Last year we saw the launching of BAKKT and despite the beginning being very slow and the future contracts not having that traction,the ending we start seeing some good volumes from Institutional customers in the PLATFORM.


Big players in business around the world this year will start accepting Cryptocurrency as a way of payment for their services and Starbucks, will be one of them that will be integrating the Consumers App from BAKKT to accept payment in BTC. Starbucks has more than 30,000 retail stores around the Globe and of course it will be an great expansion and adoption to Crypto.

Financial Institutions around the world will be accepting BTC as a way of Investment and for achieving this notable mark in Germany the local Government approved a law that will be allowing Banks to sell Bitcoin and also make it a Financial Instrument.

There are more countries wishing to regulate the Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology.

In Ukraine the Bitcoin got legalized last year.

More Countries are developing their own CBDC based in Blockchain and more than 18 Countries are definitely with really plans to secure their Sovereign digital currency,that will allow them to be more cheaper,efficient,fast,secure,and have Transparent transactions between institutions and customers.


The interest of Governments in digital currencies also can be a way to control their citizens but i just see the positive points coming from that, of course not negligence the bad ones:

  • Creating CBDC their will be accepting crypto currency.
  • Creating CBDC they will be giving the citizens power to decide if they wanna stay centralized or descentralized.
  • Creating CBDC their are giving literally to their citizens about Cryptocurrency (not all of us are in crypto,but with that digital Currency any Government will need to teach their citizens how to operate using digital coins).

More Expansion to new markets,the big example of Africa, where companies like Ripple are planing to Invest hard In the Continent,entering the market using the Flutterwave door,a Nigeria startup that already is in partnership with Binance to use their Fiat Gateway, enabling Nigerians Citizens to purchase Cryptocurrency using Naira.

And surely this will be a good step to enable Africans to start seeing the Crypto potential that the continent has. There is a "green" crypto market in Africa and companies that will conquer the space of course will secure their space. 


Jack Dorsey the Twitter CEO last year visited the continent and he loved the continent, promissing to Live In the Continent for 3 or more Months in 2020, Jack is a big "Fan" of Bitcoin and this wish,will bring investors to Africa looking for potential crypto business in the Continent!


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