What habits COVID-19 brought to our life and to Crypto ecosystem.
What habits COVID-19 brought to our life and to Crypto ecosystem.

The way COVID-19 is now an influence in our daily habits forced the human race to become more consciousness about their existence and adopt a new lifestyle to survive the pandemic disease and chance forever the habits until now taken by our species around the globe. Times are very hard and without an effective cure only prevention when the COVID-19 virus get controlled and complete vanish, some old habits will be extinct with the disease.


It's a worldwide pandemic situation with a quarantined or lockdown population to avoid more expansion and contamination from it, where the habits to wash continuously our hands, disinfection of public locations, distance between people or shake in public will be an issue when the disease get controlled. The End of COVID-19 will not kill this habits completely and the social distance will remain in mostly regions worldwide as the fear and panic to see it come back (after the pandemic virus gone) will remain in our generation!

Also the habits of using the paper money will slowly decrease and digital payments and Crypto will increase their role in the coming years due to Corona Virus as mostly people will still see it a way of contamination coming from it, and the Countries will run to develop fast their own Central Bank Digital Currencies also dubbed CBDC powered by blockchain! 

Paper money during the COVID-19 is not advised to be used as it can be a source of spread of the disease and in some coins the virus can survive for almost 4 hours mostly recommended to use digital payments and to store value people will be using Crypto as it is a source of investment and money.


During this period Bitcoin and other Cryptos will be spreaded and will become more popular than ever, the CBDC will be developed in fast lightning velocity by governments all over the world, Blockchain Firms will secure more ways of services worldwide  becoming more stronger, bad Human habits of eating, reunite or live will be changed forever as the COVID-19 impact will remain forever in our minds as one of the mostly deadly virus the human race saw in the 21 century!

**The habits won't ever be the same, the money won't be the same and crypto will start rising and gain more power during and after this period!


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