Warning: twitter accounts hacked and public figures compromised with scams giveaways!

This is the most combined hackers attack targeting verified and non verified accounts of public figures, personalities, crypto exchanges and so far there is a rumour that the criminals just with the attack managed to secure more than 12 BTC (still to be checked, as the attack effects still ongoing), worth more than $109,000 and the damages could be a lot more, the hackers after securing those accounts spreaded a wide range scam promising to give back double of what each user sent to the address. No one at the start imagined that was a scam and that the account were hacked!

Below there is a list of twitter hacked accounts and you will be surprised which ones they had, some still, on their control, even Barack Obama (former U.S President) and Bill Gates (Microsoft Chairman) got Hacked:

  • Binance Crypto exchange

  • Gemini Crypto exchange

  • Kucoin Crypto Exchange

  • Bitfinex Crypto exchange

  • ChangPeng Zhao, Binance CEO

  • Coindesk crypto media

  • Charlie Lee, Litecoin Founder

  • Justin Sun, TRON Founder

  • TRON Foundation

The hacked accounts scams promotions, if you see that stay away from it, not legit, those accounts have been compromised!

This are accounts who Twitter got noticed and working hard to give back control to the right owners, and in the meantime when the Team is working users could have problem to retweet or change passwords specially verified accounts. Until now there have been confirmation that 0.65 BTC (~6000) have been transfered to the hackers address (the value may varies as the incident proceeds) and seems that criminals used the old scam scheme to impersonate users:

"Giveaways where users need to send some Bitcoin and their suppose to send double back", a scam proved method that is ripping off peoples money and making millions to scammers, if something looks too good to be true is probably a scam, stay aware from that!

It's until know a mysterious situation of how the hackers could secure at same time so many Twitter accounts without being flagged by Twitter systems of defense, but I will be in touch to see what will be their statement about the incident and if it ended successfully.

Stay in touch for more Cryptocurrency & Blockchain news, and protect your privacy download Brave Browser, remember stay alert don't get deceived by scammers!

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