Venezuela and Cuba evaluate possible commercial trade using Petro.
Venezuela and Cuba evaluate possible commercial trade using Petro.

It's seems the Venezuela government and Cuba have strictly plans to maintain commercial trade using Petro (PTR), Venezuelan cryptocurrency pegged into barrels of Oil, in a near future.

This settlement will make the two countries to maintain the bilateral trades that are happening, for 20 years now and will help to consolidate, and expand the goals involving the parties.

The Petro will used to strengthen their relationship as know, the two nations are facing US sanctions for years now and this mark will help them become more involved together with the trading.

The idea of using Petro to trade Between them is a good sign ,and as knowing the trade using Petro with Russia Failed, and this association can become fruitful and benefit for them, if the Petro PTR really has the store that that claims to have.

Just to note the national cryptocurrency from Venezuela has been flagged as Fake, by the US government and there's too many factors to consider before get involved with the coin.

It's a pegged Cryptocurrency but no storage has been shown, and have been speculated that has more than 5 millions of barrels of crude to link with the crypto but no place has been shown that actually can certify the existence of the products mentioned.

The demanding by the Venezuelan Government to let the airlines to adopt the Petro to buy fuel with it, sounds more like a imposition, more like scam... And the interest of the countries may freeze if that lack of Intel not being fulfilled at all.

I hope there's the storage and that the Venezuelan people, that is suffering, can be able to benefit from this developments and, and that's not one Central crypto to make them suffer more for the inconvenience from their Government.

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