United kingdom commercial court order Bitfinex to "freeze" Bitcoins connected to a ransomware.
United kingdom commercial court order Bitfinex to "freeze" Bitcoins connected to a ransomware.

This is actually the First Time a UK commercial Court treats Bitcoin as property and demands the Crypto Exchange Bitfinex to freeze Bitcoins connected to a ransomware happened in 2019.

The action ordered by the commercial court was delegated in December and the amount involved in "the freezing" worth $850,000 and is connected to a ransomware conducted by criminals, that attacked a company computers and demanded a ransom of $1.2 million in BTC.

The Victim at the time paid an amount estimated in $993,000 in the actually market price something like 109.25 BTC, that the criminals exchanged part in Fiat and the remaining 96 BTC sent to the crypto Exchange Bitfinex.

But how that happened?

In a recent development, the company that paid the ransom made it thru an insurer and the firm, used the services to the Chainalysis to track the BTC paid, and this tracking leaded to an address linked to the crypto exchange.

In subsequent steps they opened a file case, and made a petition to recover the amount and "if they can" arrest the criminals.

In their diligence the commercial court ordered the Bitfinex to free the related address and make an exhaust KYC to the owner of that address.

Now the question is: they will do that KYC or will abandon the assets there?!

Let's hear in the next days what will happen!

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