The week on the crypto space: YouTube Videos Removal and Metamask Banned at Play Store.

The week on the crypto space: YouTube Videos Removal and Metamask Banned at Play Store.

The last days of 2019 was very interesting in the crypto sphere and the community was surprised with a compulsive removal of all material related to crypto at YouTube and caught all the channel "owners" believing that the apocalypse was arrived.


Surely all the community wasn't expecting that,and all the Videos Bloggers joined hands to find an answer about why the Giant Media platform removed the videos,and apparently the YouTube staff never  sent a previous notification about what was happening.

The same way the videos got removed ,they got restored...and the YouTube staff alleged that "the videos was been removed by Error "... And all the penalties to the channels also got revoked!

The Funniest thing is that they didn't communicate the crypto videos bloggers that they actually were violating a YouTube Policy!!! So why they are claiming that "any penalty to the channel has been revoked?!! And why they don't talk with their crypto users?! This sounds very Fishy and totally disrespectful 😠 


So today the Videos are back again,but what about tommorow?! This opened a new room to discuss Videos and Social Media Platforms that are totally descentralized or that really work for the users and no censorship! Let the People talk... where's the free speech!!

And also when the users start believing that they recovered the videos that Support Peoples Family with honest work, one other strike Hit the Crypto space... Metamask DApp got banned from Google Play store allegedly because they violated a financial Service Policy!!

Well, we all know that Google subsidiary is YouTube and nothing on Earth happens at same time with no reason...we may don't know what is behind all this crypto banning,removal but it's time to move Forward or soon we'll Regret...we gave them the power and we can surely take it back!


Thank God that Brave browser is Descentralized and also we have Uptrennd.


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Uptrennd platform by Alberto Dionisio

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