The rise of Blockchain social media and the role of Publish0x.

The rise of Blockchain social media and the role of Publish0x.

It's pretty easy to see that the imminent rise of social Blockchain platforms are changing the way we interact online, years back was a huge number of people with their online presence in the traditional social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter among others) very high but right now, that presence is slowly decreasing. 

But why that presence is slowing down?!

This question is easier to answer as, people who are active since Facebook or other "traditional" come alive can see a big difference in how they handle people data and privacy letting the users with serious doubts about their protection online taking them to look for alternatives, that for me isn't alternative but the main, to others where can feel some protection and the Blockchain social media fullfil those desires.

The advantage of this is also to make them a source of income and many can become a great way of information on what is going on in the world as the traditional are not anymore trustable with full of fake news with no source of the news. Is here where Publish0x also play an important role.

Publish0x is social and Blockchain platform as the platform was built to fullfil some lack happening on traditional ones and turning it a place share awesome content for readers and also a great one for content creators. The role goes more further than this as the platform also got involved in spreading the knowledge about the cryptocurrency offering for the readers and authors the possiblity to Hodl crypto assets such as BAT tokens and stablecoin DAI.

The platform also offer substantial and supportive involvement in promotions of tools based in Blockchain such as Brave Browser, the focused in privacy and security browser that is also a great way to let users secure more Crypto offering BAT token in their rewards program.

The social Blockchain media platforms are not just here to promote their own tokens (if they aren agnostic like Publish0x) but also to let others to embrace the Ecosystem and become a crypto enthusiastics.

The social media as we know will gradually change and Blockchain based ones will be the ones who will remain and be capable to make people: learn, earn and become a crypto lover!


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