South Africa will Implement Measures To Prevent Currency Evasion With Cryptocurrencies.

South Africa will Implement Measures To Prevent Currency Evasion With Cryptocurrencies.

South Africa is leader in Bitcoin Transactions in Africa. The Country has favourable environment to Crypto Development and adoption, but lately there are some backups in the Field and the South African Reserve Bank (SARB)will implement measures to prevent currency evasion with cryptocurrencies


The Plan Of the South African Reserve Bank is to implement the measures to prevent the National Currency to go abroad in Cryptocurrency and to avoid that there will be limits In the amount of money that can be sent out of the Country and will take effect next year.

This measures has seen from Investors as a very conservative from the Reserve Bank and that can refrain new Investments in the Crypto South African Market.


In the Past weeks the First National Bank (FNB) released an communicate that all Bank Accounts linked with Crypto Exchanges will be shutdown starting from March 2020 ,as they say the " the crypto accounts "have appetite for risk" and accounts from Luno the most biggest Exchange operating In the Country is affected.

Apart of this, the Cryptocurrency In the Country hav ae gained more Robust Market and Adoption is in "maximum force'' .


Paxful ,an P2P Platform impulsioned by the high demand in  crypto In the Continent from last 12 months opened more than 800000 new wallets from Countries like Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

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