Soccer Teams entering to the Blockchain world: crypto expanding to football soccer.

It's a constant Development in the Blockchain and issuance of Tokens, for football Teams and sport in General, that will connect worldwide fanatics in Football to get more knowledge in the field.

Notable Worldwide Teams such as Juventus from Italy, Athletic Madrid from Spain and Recently Football Club Barcelona, are issuing Tokens that will give some voting power in the club decision and make them to participate more in the clubs Lives.

We knows, that those Teams Moves billions of fans globally and generate also Billions of Dollars in Revenue, if they start to adopt Blockchain Technology of course we are in front of a huge new crypto space community getting In to the Ecosystem and also a great new money too!

It's also to note that the Blockchain platform issuing this tokens, the Blockchain startup Chiliz, that is one of the immense Platforms to receive funding from Binance, is doing a wonderful job joining this Giant Teams.

Are we in front of a new kind of crypto currency just used to give voting power to the closed environment or we are expanding the Blockchain to a very huge soccer fan base?! 

Only time will show us...


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