Simple ways to make free tokens and increase your Crypto portfolio.

Simple ways to make free tokens and increase your Crypto portfolio.

We live in a digital era where cryptocurrency is the key to the future way of payments and the ones collecting them now, neither buying, receiving in airdrops or bonus and Hodl will be the next wealthy ones from the ecosystem. The same thing happened with the ones who secured Bitcoin during years that started from zero to barely reach $19,000.00 in late 2017.

The possibilities in crypto are endless and the ones with visionary ideas and betting in successful projects will be the next Crypto whales and anyone can be in that position, just being agnostic and collect ever crypto that you can will help on that quest of course after you will spare some time to select the best from the bad ones!

So let's see how to collect them free here!

  • 1.Collect free BAT Tokens.


I will start with my best ways to collect BAT Token as I believe this is one of those assets that will surely be the new BTC due to the roll played on the decentralized world. The best way to earn and collect BAT Token is from the Brave rewards program. The Brave rewards program is an innovative and very successful way to make some free valuable tokens as it have everything prepared to make any user collect the most tokens they can just using their referral program, only to apply needing to signup to be an author and at your dashboard collect your referral link and start inviting to receive monthly payments in BAT Tokens for every download made thru users link*. 

Brave also offer the program to watch non intrusive ads and get a 70% share of the ad revenue paid in BAT Tokens and the Team is always improving with more ways to make users monetise more they browsing experience with Brave, so this way I strongly recommend anyone to collect free tokens.

  • 2.Becoming an Author at Publish0x.


This is another great way to adventure and get some free tokens sharing great content on the platform and in return get tipped in tokens that the system offer: BAT, DAI and Loopring LRC. The thing in here is that no everyone have the patience or talent to become an author and that isn't really a problem at Publish0x as in here, readers also receive tips for just reading the articles and adjust how much to give the author and keep some for them, and For being one of the most transparent ways of making tokens I strongly recommend!

  • 3.Receive astonishing daily airdrops at Twitter.


Certainly this is an innovative way Twitter leaded by Jack Dorsey the CEO very fanatic by Bitcoin, to give opportunity to anyone to earn tokens and get tweets other kind of engagement. There are trending Crypto bots used at twitter (that are not direct linked with the platform but receive support from the team) that are making people earn tokens also making twitter  campaigns to maximise their exposure and increase visibility or gain followers that really deserve some attention.

This Crypto bots support almost all ERC-20 tokens, TRX, BTC, BCH and other Blockchain and for now anyone could make astonishing tokens daily just using them. To be able to use them just follow them at twitter in this page and @coinkit_ and benefit from those services and earn tokens the easiest ways you could imagine.

To make tokens the easiest ways on Net still possible but the hability to manage and Hodl only depends on anyone efforts, that is the really challenge not how to collect them!


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