Possible changes that could happen into our life after COVID-19 and into cryptocurrency environment.
Possible changes that could happen into our life after COVID-19 and into cryptocurrency environment.

The world we know will never be the same when the COVID-19 Ends!

Surely the changes that are being implemented now to avoid infections by the pandemic virus will continue until the world population think they are safe and those costumes may not be easy to leave as the fear to a possible infection even when it end will remain in the people's mind! We will see more countries adopting the use of masks and gloves in their daily routines, the social meetings won't be that easy to happen and that simple shake of hands will not be usual!


The hygienic industry will continue to rise worldwide due to this events and this kind of companies will secure a place in the Global economy and I won't be surprised to see them linked with blockchain for better tracking of their products, as blockchain will be forever In game and supplying the main global industries, services with this amazing technology. I also believe that from December (when the COVID-19 firstly spotted) to March this companies made tons of Billions in dollars has the demand was and continue to be huge worldwide.

Cryptocurrency will also gain traction during this time as will serve as store of value and way of payment as the traditional ways of payments are an attempt to the health of the human race proved that paper money and physical coins can transmit the virus and  more people could be infected with  paper notes that contains the COVID-19. Immediate prevention is taking out of circulation old notes to disinfect them or replace with new ones, but being the secure way to transact use of digital payments and crypto is on Top as they may serve as investment and store of value.


There will be more people knowing the crypto assets after the COVID-19 pass and right now there are people "Google" what's bitcoin...what's Cryptocurrency, and because they also a looking to a safety place to invest their economies with the worldwide gold supply becoming rare and the imminent Halving of Bitcoin (the miners reward will be cutted to half from the actual 12.5 BTC to 6.25) the run to secure BTC and other coins will be interesting! There will be times where to Hodl 1 BTC will be nearly impossible and that could reach sooner than we expect!

Of course COVID-19 brought nightmare to our time and will be remembered as the most deadly worldwide virus but also will be remebered as the portal that opened to mass adoption of cryptocurrency and more use of blockchain solutions in the world.


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