Let's compare brave browser versus Chrome from Google.

Let's compare brave browser versus Chrome from Google.

This is a interesting comparation as one is totally centralized and corporate Browser, that only focused in collecting users data and provide spam messages to the users.

Chrome collect sensitive info and sell them to the third parts, when saying "sell" the data, they do that, and to prove that you will always check in your feed info from sites that you really don't need them, but the trackers took them to your feed, all that without your permission, as they are intrusive.

Chrome is very slow browser due to trackers and pop ups that are collecting info from you, the more trackers the slowest of the site. They also consume a lot of data bundle, collecting from users a rough and considered bundle!

Your privacy isn't safe with chrome browser, despite they tell you that it's!

Brave Browser is built on privacy, a complete safe environment where you choose to see your ads, that comes in form of notification and are not intrusive, and save data bundle as the browser is fast with no trackers on it!

They don't track your browsing and you won't find intrusive ads in your visited sites, unless you unblock the dedicated shields to that.

More faster than chrome up to 3 times in Android and up to 6 in desktop.

And also gives you the opportunity to earn BAT for participating in Brave Rewards program...

Are you still on Chrome? Maybe it's time to check other Browser, Be Brave!


**The post isn't to persuade in any way to adopt browser are just my honest opinion**


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