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Here's why anyone should use Brave Browser!

If you like your privacy and security then you are right when you choose the Brave Browser to fulfill your decentralized internet needs! Brave Browser isn't just an ordinary Browser but is the best, as it focused on privacy and data security, also reward users for the time spared browsing the web in BAT Tokens the native token that serves as currency between the platform to compensate users when they watch non intrusive ads and when authors invite more people to join the Brave family.


Brave Browser was brought to life by Brendan Eich which saw a viability to bring back the old models of advertising on internet used in 90's, when people was getting Hired to watch ads by certain companies who installed a software program to track what they mostly browse online and accordingly to that present ads to them. The revenue generated was then shared between the firms and the users who watched the ads, but the system didn't took too much time and sooner become a scam!

Using the same model, Eich did something even better! He created a blockchain based browser which protect users and data given also the opportunity to choose watch non intrusive advertising that could be simple images and if you become a author in the Brave platform you could even participate in the referral program. The concept is the same from the 90's but now Brave Browser is much more than a simple browser is a whole new kind of blockchain browser that is focused in privacy and where users are not used as product to generate income to the big corporations.

Anyone using Brave Browser is protected from annoying spam ads, intrusive trackers, malware, phishing, data stolen among many other bad scripts that flood the Internet!


The world is becoming more decentralized and crypto is widely used in Internet and one way to use both and still be protected from bad behaviour is using Brave Browser to surf the web and get paid! Brave Browser it's so important nowadays showing that people was needing a tool like that and when Brave Team released the ICO in just 30 seconds people acquired astonishing 34 million in BAT tokens, proving one more time that decentralized apps are strongly appreciated and Brave was is on the right way to succeed!

#stay safe and protect yourself from COVID-19 be responsible and let's help the world to be a safer place again.

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