Crypto July interesting facts.

Crypto July interesting facts.

July just ended and plenty of things have happened on it, from Twitter attacks, Bitcoin surpassing the $10,000 barrier and Brave partnerships to spread more the word about the focused in privacy and security tool in Japan.

So let's get a little retrospective to most important facts happened on July concerning Cryptocurrency.

On July 15, the world watched the most important platform of short message media network, Twitter, got hacked. Several prominent high profiles were compromised and used to promote fake Bitcoin Giveaways, with the scammers non authorized access they managed to steal from their victims more than 12 BTC in funds, worth at a time $108,000.

To prevent more harm the security Twitter team managed to block those accounts and restrict some feature access when worked to full restore them to legit owners, opened an investigation and discovered that the hack was coordinated social attack directed to some employees. Since the opened ongoing research made by the social network social media and FBI more developments have been uncovered and the responsible were found and the DOJ (department of Justice), in U.S, charged a Teenager of 17 years and partners as the attackers.

The month saw the main asset on the crypto market surpassing the barrier of $10,000 taking along more altcoins such Ethereum, who reached $300 per unit and keep growing with many others decentralized assets. The market in July was very interesting and will continue to be, since the halving the main asset of crypto market never saw a stable volatility like in July...pretty things are coming, just on the beginning!

The Blockchain browser, Brave Browser made some powerful partnerships and the one that sounds interesting to me was with BitFlyer who will take the Brave users in Japan who applied to earn rewards to start earning real tokens not points, that for now they earn due to Japan legislation, this Brave members will earn directly BAT tokens on their BitFlyer account. The joint between this two companies are developing a wallet dubbed "integrated wallet" that will spread more the word about the focused in privacy and security browser and the wallet will be out to use in November.

I believe more crypto interesting facts happened, but those were on news and got lot of attention.

Stay tuned for more Cryptocurrency & Blockchain news, don't forget to download Brave Browser and help spread the word, protect your privacy and earn passive income with BAT tokens for watching non intrusive ads.

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